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Letter to Ludia for Tournament Changes

this is in response to this question from the Deinonychus tournament thread:

I have always been a proponent of some sort of incentive for a player to push past just finishing in Dominator. I mean there is no difference for a player finishing at spot 100 and spot 1.

If I had my way what would I do… hhmmm.

I think I would split Dominator in to two leagues, but combine Hatchling and Prey leagues so that way you still have the same amount of leagues as before (easier for the programmers I think) So you would end up with Hatchling, Survivor, Hunter, Predator, Dominator, and Annihilator divisions. The only rewards that change are Hatchling is now a straight common pack (instead of the mystery pack) the other divisions all stay the same, including Dominator is still the unlock of whatever the tournament is for and the difficulty level does not change for those leagues they stay as they currently are. If you make it to Annihilator you get a better spin wheel, no coins, food gets bumped up to 100k minimum up to 500k, DNA is a minimum of 300 with the max of 1,000, SDNA gets added to the wheel at 25 - 50 per card, Dino Bucks has a minimum of 50 with a max of 500, the common and rare creature pack is dropped from the wheel, Super Rare pack goes to 2%, Aquatic and Legendary Pack goes to 1%, Tournament pack goes to some new less than 1% but instead of 0.00001% it goes to 0.001% (I have no idea what the real percentage is but I am saying it gets better from what it currently is, considerably better).

Once in Annihilator you will be required to fight against a ferocity team of ~ 10,000+ or equivalent to level 4-5 Indoraptors if you are bringing the appropriate level of team which would be minimum of 9k ferocity (lvl 1 indoraptor).

This would most likely have a trophy finish requirement of 2,200 for repeat creatures up to 2,600 for new creature releases at the end of the tournament and the pack for Annihilator would contain a 1,500 DB card, a 7,500 DNA card, a new special Annihilator trophy card (decoration that is a 1x1 sized decoration with a 6 square reach with a 9% boost), and then the unlock tournament card, LP would be 1750 for Non VIP 3,500 for VIP.

I think this would drive more players to play the tournaments longer and harder which would be good for Ludia and their bottom line. It would also give players something to strive for that would stretch their teams past the typical ~level 20 VIPs that are currently required for Dominator finishes, which would again help Ludia’s bottom line due to players working on their lineup.

@Keith, @Daven or anyone else that can give some feedback to Ludia, I wont even charge a consulting fee :wink:


Great idea, ludia needs to remember while a good portion of their customers are early, mid to late game players striving for dom finishes there is quite a big percentage of end game players with deep and strong benches, currently for players like me and fury and certainly for players like yourself, lora green and andy just to name a few reaching dom is more like a ‘yeah whatever another creature down’ theres no real drive and it’s getting to a point where tourney runs are getting pretty stagnant, ludia needs to recognise this and keep end game players engaged just as much as the other players.

I would certainly push myself beyond 2k trophies with a pack like the one you have mentioned no doubt. The decoration is a good idea, however I would prefer 2 cards of the creature if I’m not being too greedy :stuck_out_tongue:


Dropping the crappy rewards like coins, food, and mystery packs would be a must for a top end league. I always felt like some Tournament Hybrid packs or more S-DNA rewards would benefit late game players more. Maybe create even more Legendary Super Hybrids aside from Indoraptor


Also to add, this would add quite the incentive to players that are not looking to increase their ferocity and limit their own difficulty for the purpose of PvE, currently there is no incentive for players to go past multi day cooldowns other than for completion purposes.


I would have to say if it changed like this, I would probably fuse up some dinos to get to Indo status, but only make a few. I would stay in Dominator level until the end, then break into Annihilator towards the end with the few teams I would have to use. My worry about having to use such high level dinos is being able to finish PVEs and tournament with the day+ cool downs.

It would certainly be more of a challenge.


Yes Yes Yes!!! @Sionsith if this idea actually gets considered (hopefully it does), I’ll rename my Indoraptor after you. :wink:

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Very cool idea!
Annihilator should have a special end of the tournament reward maybe a double copy + unlock or even a random copy of a tournament creature or vip

If it doesn’t keep me from reaching the league in the tournament that I need to be in to unlock the creature, im good, but if it screws me, im not gonna do tournaments

I would LOVE this. Amazing idea @Sionsith

This is cool, the decoration especially I think is very good because it’s usefulness comes from winning it many times and it builds up over time so for new players few months of missed decorations isn’t limiting.

Although the difficulty progression will be interesting I guess, is it level 1-5 ferocity for entirely of annihilator or at low annihilator and it increases with much higher teams at the top?

Thanks for this interesting and thoughtful answer. I can see from the response that it would have a motivating effect on the longer-term players, and those of use in mid-game would continue to get creature unlocks and that all-important win of 12,000 coins :confounded:, plus something new to aim at in the longer term. Keep wearing away at Ludia like water on a stone…

By-the-by, I didn’t think it was actually possible to finish in hatchling league if you did any fights at all. Maybe if you win nothing, but those very first fights are usually hard to lose, even when you only have a few commons. So I’m not sure that league really exists anyway.

Hatchling does exist in that if you do a single battle for the entire tournament I think you might stay there. Say 20-28 total trophies for the tournament. I haven’t tested this but when I have had late starts, like not starting a tournament until the last day, I want to say it takes two wins to get out of hatchling.

@SpinoSri the decoration might be the hardest thing for Ludia to implement since nothing like it exists currently, but I do think it would add a great incentive to end game players, not only as a collectible but also as something functional.

In terms of the ferocity for Annihilator it would be flat similar to dominator now, once you get there it doesn’t get any harder. Dominator would need to be updated to increase in strength over its league where currently it has flat requirements. They don’t have to do this but it would make sense to. Keep dominator from rank 100-50 the same as it is now. Ranks 49-25 increase by half of the gap between the two leagues so if 4500 ATF is about the current for Dominator and 9,000 ATF is Annihilator then 49-25 would need around 6,750 ATF. Rank 25-1 would need 9,000 ATF to bridge through that gap. Then once you get to Annihilator the ferocity levels off and stays like it does in Dominator currently.

Regarding the card pack the Annihilator card pack would not be available on the spin wheel it would only be available for finishing in that league, the dominator reward pack would stay as the top prize, this would eliminate the issue of trying to switch over the main prize on the wheel between the different leagues. If the different pack concept is to difficult to implement because of different artwork? This could be done with something simple on the artwork like a picture of the trophy decoration as an overlay of the standard tournament pack. If the trophy decoration is to hard to implement since there is nothing that is currently a 1x1 building or decoration and Ludia doesn’t want to invest the time into this (although I do think this would be a great addition) or for some code reason it’s not possible (even though you can place a road 1 square at a time) then the third card could be a 50/50 chance of the first two cards DB/DNA or make it a 500 SDNA card of Raptor or the current in rotation one that isn’t raptor.

Again to Ludia the goal of this change is not to change the experience for new - mid game players. This would be to enhance the experience and drive for your late mid to end game players. Give them something to strive for not only in tournaments but with their game in total. This would have an impact on their game overall as they would potentially need to start fusing creatures that otherwise would never need to be fused based on current tournament mechanics. Driving them to play more, gather more resources, potentially spend more money either one time or longer term VIP memberships to get to this higher level of the game.

You guys have been adding higher end creatures for sometime which is great, now give us a reason to start using them and fusing them aside from facing lvl 2000 rare creatures in standard PvE. But rather against creatures of the same type in a tournament setting.


I still think it’s too little like decoration is ok but then it would just be like vip membership I mean after paying and being a member for while all you get is decoration nah that makes want to just not be vip especially if I’m near end game cuz I know I will just get the tournament creature like I usually do and now that dna chances are low and I get only like 100 - 200 plus food and coins that really suck why would I want to be vip annihilator is alright but a decor it’s not why can’t they just give like 1000 bucks guaranteed it’s not even enough to speed the tournament unlock or tournament hybrid or legendary hybrid as for sdna that’s good incentive just saying what I think will drive others to got further speaking on my behalf as seen dna decrease by a lot of other players bucks to me seem they are too little for the amount of time it takes to get a secure win in dominator

Did you read the entire thread, the first post I laid out how the pack would be different:

And I laid out how the spin wheel once in this league would be different:


I don’t think the decoration has to be 1x1, it can be 2x2 and have a considerably better boost than a clock tower to be still useful.

Another drawback of having just a 1x1 decoration is that it gives little room for ludia’s artists to work on, so having 2x2 decoration look pretty will be a lot more easier than 4 1x1s.

I’m all in on this. It would breathe some new life into tournaments again because let’s be honest, when you can easily secure a dominator finish, they’re a bit boring. Lately I’ve had nowhere near the same amount of time to play the game and with that, I’ve lost interest too but I still try to get the weekend tournament done (since we don’t seem to have a weekend off anymore) and this would make me want to play the game more and push me to move my team forward too.


Good idea, as long as it doesn’t make the tournament harder from hatchling to dominator, I’m all for

Yea I read that but still I think they are just reducing the ways to get good rewards and the tournaments just aren’t that great I mean its just a Dino unlock with very few prizes in the pack for too much time to invest to get it to me it’s just getting more frustrating than enjoyable which is the opposite of what a game is suppose to be for too much grind not much rewards such as no hybrids with good cost and stats dna getting hard to get dinos take way too long to hatch and focus on things that aren’t really what this game is about

The thought process around the 1x1 decoration is that by itself it would not out class a clock tower as the current best decoration in the game, but two of them would match or I guess beat a clock tower since 2 Annihilator trophies would give you 18% boost where a clock tower is 16%. So maybe the boost would be 8% instead of 9% that way with two it matches a clock tower and at three you surpass the clock tower and with four you double the. Post of a clock tower but it fits within the same space this would require four tournament finishes. Again the drive for more play time to reap the outcome, this is what would help Ludia’s bottom line.

A mock up of what something might look like next to the haast statue:


I understand that but is it worth the effort of squeezing it into 1x1 decorations? As I said it has little space for design, this is a decoration people have to do a lot work for so it needs to look a little special, with a space restriction of 1x1 I can’t imagine it looking much more than a pole. There is the technical problem too, even after making it, there might be more lag (Idk for sure about JWTG but in most games multiple small things cause more lag the one moderate or large object)

So why go through all that? Clock towers won’t be useless even if this decoration is 2x2 and far better, because you will only get a few dozen of it every year of being an endgame player so they will still be needed to boost the majority of the paddocks.

Edit just saw your edit, that does look ok, but it will look much less nice when in cluster and the lag problem still stands, nice editing btw.