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Lev. 10 Elf Room Chest Nice Payout👍 For Hubby Anyways LOL 😁2p

IMG_20191006_053305 IMG_20191006_052716

He Is So Lucky​:poop: Where’s My Love???:grin:

Is It Still Worth It To Lev Up To Play These Rooms???
It’s Pretty Good, But I Don’t Know??? Any Thoughts On The Matter?

And Here Are A Couple More Nice Payout On Common Chest

Those Fancy Ones Sure Don’t Drop Too Often, I Know That!!!
Hey Retsamerol You Think There Is A Way To Find Out When The Good Ones Drop?
I Think I Counted 5 Regular, Then I’d Get One Above That, With The Gem In It,
The Other Ones Drop So Slow, I Don’t Know If It’s Even Possible To Count ?
What You Think @retsamerol (Retsamerol)??? Your The Number Cruncher?

Is This How We Receive Our Chests?
Kinda Feels Like It!!! LoL :grin:

I don’t understand the question.

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Like Is There A Way To Tell When The Good Chests Will Drop,
Red, Purple, Blue Chests?
I Think Like After 5 Common A Gemmed Will Pop Up There, Second From Last Chest? I Was Just Wondering If There Was A Way To Tell? @retsamerol

Only PvP chests have a drop pattern that I’ve noticed. No clue what pattern explore mode has. I’d need to multi account in order to figure that out and I don’t think that’d be worth my time since explore mode is a once and done for everyone anyways. It’s not like you can affect what chest you get even if there was a pattern. It’d be useless information because you can’t act on it and it won’t alter your behaviour.

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Awaa. Thanks @retsamerol (Retsamerol)
See Told Ya You Guys Were Geniuses!!!
Hope All Is Well With Ya :grinning:
Wonder Why They Won’t Let Us Replay Them? The Levels We’ve Allready Done🤔
And What’s Your Idea On the Drop In PvP,
Any Specific Order, Or Just Random?
That’s What I Was Talking About Like 5 Common, and Then I’ll Get Gemed Chest 8hr, @retsamerol, Humm…:thinking: I Guess I Might Be Able To Do Some Of It With Hubby Game, If It’s Cool With Him Of Course. I’m A Bit Ahead Of Him, Say Lest 2 Or 3 Weeks Worth Of Play