Level 12 player with a level 22 Indoraptor?

C’mon, man. How is that possible?

Halloween scents made it completely possible! I got my indorap created just from scents and Halloween strikes

Lot of work but not totally far fetched. My son is level 11 with a 20 indominus and 18 raptor.

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I’ve bought a couple dozen Halloween scents and have raptor DNA galore now. Totally worth the investment so a 12 could easily get one due to this week’s event.

Halloween Scents spam. I have seen 29 Indoraptors now. Yay…

Let me put it this way… I have VIP membership and have purchased my last 4 level-up incubators, so, basically, a moderately paying member. I grind daily on week-days, twice daily on weekends. I am very close to level 17. I managed to unlock Indoraptor early this week, just before the start of the Halloween events. My take, it’s possible, but you need to invest a lot of real cash in incubators.

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$$$$ Some people just go crazy cashing into this game.


It’s all about money invested!

And that’s all this game is beginning to be about is MONEY MONEY MONEY… used to be a great game to play, but totally sucks now’

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