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Level 12 player with level 21 indoraptor?



What’s the problem here? Lol you do know that when you fuse an unique dino, it starts out at level 21, right? :sweat_smile: and there is nothing wrong with him/her being level 12 and having those dinos… i dont know the player, but it is totally possible to have those dinos as a level 12 player without any cheating. :slight_smile:


Looks fine to me. I’m lvl 12 and fairly close to getting my indo. Probably paid some cash for it though.


Not really outwith the realms of possibility. I’m level 12 and am almost ready to start fusing indo… which starts at level 21. I mean it’s early yeah but I wouldn’t say impossible.


Ya the higher you get the more DNA you get so faster. Also legends start out really high when you unlock


i saw someone say the gaming beaver said anyone with a level 21 indoraptor is cheating. he obviously doesn’t know that uniques start at level 21, so i feel like a lot of people falsely accuse people of cheating.


Well they have quite a good array of dinosaurs! I’m level 16 and not even close to getting indoraptor. There are no T. rex in my vicinity which I really need. It’s just that getting that much very rare DNA made me suspicious


That’s a normal team. I’m at level 13, and I feel like I should have my indo by now. If only velociraptors weren’t so scarce.

My team at lvl 13


So this person is one of your friends and because they have things better than you you out them on a forum accusing them of cheating

Sorry that is just not nice at all!

To the OP one day you may play someone who doesn’t have what you have I hope they don’t out you!


Wow you’re team is very similar to mine but I’m jealous! You are ranked! Don’t worry I won’t accuse you of cheating! I probably could be ranked but I stopped concentrating on trophies and just like to stay at my present level!

Trophy hunting was making me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I didn’t accuse them of anything (excuse me) nor do I know them. I was matched in battle with them. I won the match! I was wondering about the indoraptor since I rarely see anything but apatosaurus. They are actually very lucky. So before you accuse anyone of something make sure you understand the intentions of the question.


Seems legit. I’m Lv9 with a bunch of Epics and one Legendary, my Irex. She isn’t in my team though; basically a weaker rex with cloak.


Thank you for that post. It really really made me laugh.


In what way was that funny?


How you think of indominus. I have never ever heard someone say something like that. That he is too powerful. He’s impossible to beat. What can I do to counter him. But never oh he’s just a weaker rex with cloak. Hehe still makes me laugh.


I apologize for one part. I did not know that when you look at a recent opponents profile it says Freinds at the top. But I will stand by my feelings of people coming here and outing players for one thing or another without any evidence. You could have just as easily started the same thread inquiring about levels and indoraptors without posting their information!


Oh, yeah, lol. I mean I guess in the “best” circumstances Irex can be strong, and I’ve had her one-shot a dino, but the cliak is too much of a gamble for me. And when you look at her, she’s 200 attack weaker than Rex (which is messed up as mine are one level apart), and has 10% less crit chance, I think. She also has the same exact moveset, only with cloak added, so I ended up running her as basucally an extra Rex, which I realized was pointless. Plus, with less Vraptors now in the wild and only sparingly seeing Rex, she can’t really stay in the team anyway. I prefer to work with what I’m given, and so far, I made it to Sorna Marshes, but I’m currently dropping back down so I can prepare better.


Angela I think your post just got hidden lol

I saw you typing for a while and bam it blinked and it wasn’t there! Nope there it is :joy:


Oh I totally know what your saying but IRex has lower attack because of cloak. Cloak doubles damage so his highest attack actually does 4x damage. Significantly higher than anything trex can manage. Oh and they don’t have the same moveset. Trex breaks shields. Shields are how you counter IRex. So while they seem like they actually play similar roles I use the two types against completely different dinosaurs.


Angela what state are you in and are you in a big city? All I ever get are apatosaurus. I’m in a small town central coast of California.