Level 12 VIP Chest

The vip cheats were disappointing from level 1-9, but once they hit level 10 they had 12 epic minimum which is solid.

Just hit level 12 vip yesterday and just got to next chest timer today for vip. New look, so hoping it’s even better.


Let us know what is the guaranteed gear I just got level 11 chest last week

Looked like with was going to be a bump, but overall not much different compared to the level 10 and 11 VIP chests.

How much time did you need to reach level 10? I am vio for 3 months and only reaching lvl 7… this is VERY slow

I’ve been playing since the 2018 summer Beta and I only hit lv 20 around… November maybe. Granted, I also haven’t spent any money to get gems or VIP.

It’s a long haul, but more rewarding than it used to be.

He was asking about the VIP level. I started in last 2 months of beta. So I think about 11 months

This actually feelsbad a bit. I’ve been playing since last september, so 6 months total i believe and have almost maxed out all my epics, while im at VIP 9. I hope theres a higher rate of legendaries because i can’t use those epics lol

No. Seen very few legendary along the way.

I’d say about once a month a see a legendary