Level 13 One Time Offer Contents


For those who might wonder what $50 will get you!
7,000 Cash
261,684 Coins
2391 Lythronax
2671 Majungasaurus
17 Koolasuchus Gen 2
500 Argentinasaurus
151 Ouranosaurus
153 Sinoceratops


Good to know , thanks for sharing .
Were you happy with the investment ?


Although you can’t go wrong with coins and cash, I’m glad I passed on that one time offer at level 13. Over half of those DNA you can’t even use for hybrids. I’d probably scream :scream:

Incubators = gamble gamble gamble


U sure, that DNA isn’t random?


Knowing my luck I would get purrasaurus :joy::sob: I even had a dream about them.


There is a certain amount guaranteed but what you get is random, yes. For some reason I couldn’t post the screenshot earlier.


i think an incubator glitched during the soft launch and i literally got 4,000 purrasaurus DNA… couldn’t have been like kaprasuchus or something impossible to find :frowning:


I added the screen shot to the OP. It wouldn’t give me the option earlier!


This was priceless to me. I’ve never seen one in the wild. I think it’s total BS because I regularly hunt in all the zones.