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Level 14 in Aviary?!?!

I’m in the wrong arena??

(Edit):I arrived at “Lockwood” 17 days Ago"

Solid team.

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Arena doesn’t mean as much as it used to. It depends more on your opponents and how boosted you (and they) are. Still, nice going. It’s not easy to get there anyway


Congrats on getting there.

How times have changed. Six months ago a lower aviary team would be low 20s

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I regret coming to this arena…


I have seen team with lv20 dinos hovering above 4800 in my alliance. It’s due to current matchmaking, you will never be matched to my all-unique team.


Yeah, you’ll have a hard time in that level… I dropped to mid Aviary last week and my team is average level 27 :joy:


The ride on the “Aviary” didn’t last long…

I returned to "Lockwood":roll_eyes:

That remeinds me of when I was able to bust through to the Library. Fell right back down. I don’t want to go back there until I’m ready. :pensive:

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And i don’t want to back to the “Aviary” either,i was Crushed by that Indoraptor

Very nice! Believe I still hold the record, level 10.


If you don’t mind me asking, what was your team like for that, and what iteration of the game?

That was like 3-4 months ago, made it to 5793 Last month at lvl 12. At 5300 now at lvl 13 but haven’t been battling much since the last season restart.

Congrats on that record.

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Can find my team on my profile on here or youtube JWA Batman.
And thank you, appreciate it.

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Shoot I’m fighting teams with 23 Indos and Rex’s in RUINS. :roll_eyes:

Ludia your Matchmaking is terrible…
This is by far the worst issue since launch day…
I had fun battling in all patches. Every meta, even now with epics and legandarys being overtuned and sitting on top of the Tyrants class.
But a matchmaking that isnt skill based but level based is poor rubbish.

I’ve seen posts from people sitting around 4500 points with nearly full level 30 unique teams and now look at OPs team … What is this ???


The team level and rarity looks similar to my low Sorna marshes team back in the day xD Not a bad team though. Matching has just changed drastically enough to get teams like this above.

It’s just crazy all you have to do is look on the leaderboards. You can see many teams like this or very similar above me with my lvl 25 unique team xD

Which arena you are in and leaderboards don’t mean anything anymore. The only thing that matters now is your team, rng level, rng strength, and rng rarity mm.


I think they do it on purpose. They (Ludia) do it to give you a taste of advancement so they can pull it back and get you to spend cash on getting back where you had advanced to.