Level 14 player wow!

I have encoutered this player in a battle.
I thought with his line up dinos might be way higher level than I expected but when the battle ended. I was suprised…
I played a lot, but even that I have never collected such dna’s and I have spent lots of bucks too… but I can’t imagine how this player spent bucks with his line up of dinos… I’m curious though… :joy::joy::joy:
I’m not frustrated even I lose. Its a game, you lose or you win… :ok_hand:

@Hersh It reminds me of you…

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I believe I have battled this person before during the Tournament.

Either this person lives in the middle of where 2 zones meet and have plenty of fortunate encounters or he/she spent a fortune on incubators (also got lucky with the dna). :wink:

@Samguy Can be both! Hahahaha… very lucky… I wish I could manage to collect those dna’s… spent hours and hours of travelling and hunting but no luck… :weary::weary::weary:
Try another day again…:hugs:

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Haha I wish!!
That’s 3 times as many uniques than I have.

(And nooo way I’d spend that kinda dough on this game :money_mouth_face:)

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I’m jealous… hahaha…
everytime I fuse unique dino, in 10’s :weary::weary::weary:

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This makes no sense to me. With that level of fusing, how would their rank not be higher? I’m at 15 and haven’t progressed enough to do a single unique fuse. Not saying it’s impossible, just that I don’t get how and would love to have it explained.

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@MementoMori… I myself asking the same questions hahahaha!!! I never stop hunting, days evenings… before or after work… still the dinos I’m completing is in comatose…
i’m buying one time offer as well… but still… :thinking:
I guess its luck? Hit the perfect zones where all these dinos are spawning…
And mind you… those dinos are difficult to find unless he/she spent thousands of bucks… maybe!!! :slight_smile:

I’m saying though, my level increases as I level up dinos, especially legendaries. My guess is some ppl knew better than to level up all the non-hybrid dinos.

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