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Level 16 daily active player locking for a strong alliance

My Name is Janik (also ingame Janik#2380) and I am 20 years old. I am currently sitting at lvl 16 and about 4300 trophies. I started to play the game the day it was released, but i made a long break and since 6 months i got to a daily Player again. I am doing at least the 10 dinos every tournament, donate what i have enough of and do every daily incubators and Bosses i can reach or get invited to. :slight_smile: 10/10 weekly incubators and Strong people that are able to help me beat all of the Boss fights would be awesome. Thank you for every Suggestionen. If your Alliance is using discord for communication its no Problem for me either

hey add us on discord you sound like a great candidate!
We have an active discord that does a lot of carries even for apexes!
Jurricane #9538 on discord

This is direct link

Recruited :slight_smile: