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Level 17 looking for new alliance

Hello I’m looking for a new alliance that is better than my current one. My current one gets 9s and 10s for weekly missions and got 190 in the championship. I’m also just looking for a better one cuz they speak spanish which I dont speak that well. I’m in aviary and some uniques I’m close to getting are stygidaryx, utinarex, pterovexus, magna, spyx, constrictor, dilorach, orion, and erlidominus (being fused) along with many other legendaries. I also have dischord.

This is my team and creatures with boosts.

PSYCHORAPTORS are looking for players, what is your in game name and number i will invite you

Hey we are looking for players we are the Raptor Brotherhood 2 very active we get tier 8 last championship close to tier 9 also we are hardworking and friendly join us what’s your in game name also you need discord and what’s your trophies

Right now, I’m being intervewed (sounds too much like a job) by a alliance. I will get back to you in a few days if I still can. My trophies is 4,500 something.

My name is Quader and my number is 6740. I might join but I might also join a different alliance. I have dischord as well.

Interviewed :see_no_evil:

You would be more than welcome in our alliance we are looking for active players and usually hit 9/10 on incubators and tier 7 or 8 in championship. Depending on how much player movement we have

That’s what it says in dischord, lol

Well let me know if you just want to join an alliance without interview :joy:

Ok, (10ncharacters