Level 17 One Time Offer Results


Level 17 One Time Offer (OTO) Results

Epic DNA 357
Rare DNA 599

All DNA 6,837
Cash 7,000
Coins 263,579


DNA Received

Stegosaurus 789 Common DNA
Dilophosaurus Gen 2 5,091 Common DNA
Amargasaurus 451 Rare DNA
Gorgosaurus 148 Rare DNA
Tyrannosurus Rex 34 Epic DNA
Secodontosaurus 324 Epic DNA


Well I would be very upset :sweat_smile:


Yeah the DNA sucked, but still got a ton of cash and coins which are needed to keep leveling up my dinos!


Just coins and cash figuring off the 15,000 cash purchase price for $99.99…

263,579 Coins are worth = $31.63 USD

7,000 cash is worth = $46.66 USD

Your incubator returned $78.29 USD worth of in-game value saving you $28.30 if you purchased in-game cash to buy it all with.

I can’t figure out why folks keep trashing the purchase of these one-time offers when you level. It gives you more value than purchasing in-game cash to buy coins with. Consider the DNA free, regardless of if it is considered trash or not.


Exactly right, I only ever buy the offers for the DinoBucks and coins, anything else is a bonus…like when I got close to 300 T-Rex DNA!


Absolutely. The one-time offers are for coins and cash. DNA is a bonus.


I bought nearly every level-up offer on the way to 20. They’re great deals.


Wow! I love it how these are classed as great deals. I think to be more accurate it should be said they are much better value than purchasing coins and hard cash at the ridiculously inflated prices. Instead they are just slightly less ridiculous…

Let’s not lose track of the fact its still $50 for just some coins/cash. You can buy a full Xbox/PS4 game for that!

I firmly believe that more people would move away from F2P to pay model if they reduced prices. Instead of 10% spending thousands we would have thousands spending 10’s->100s. Overall Ludia would probably earn more cash and there would be a smaller divide in the community.

That divide will reduce the games longevity as it splits the player base further and further each month…

Short term greed could ruin long term profitability.


Yeah they’re not great deals at all EVERYTHING in this game is extortionate.


Regardless of if folks think prices are exorbitant in the game I was pointing out that if someone was to spend money to expedite their progress in the game the level up package deals are the best ‘value’ for your real-life cash purchase. All I hear is people trashing them as not worth purchasing as all they get is worthless DNA. The DNA should not come into the equation, it is a bonus.

People also talk trash about the ‘free’ incubator every 6 hours. To me it is 2 or 3 bucks a couple times a day and a guaranteed 20 darts for first thing in the morning. (As well as the 15 from the overnight incubator.) If I stayed up late darting from home, at least I can get a few tries at something nearby before I have to get dressed and leave the house to stock up.

Whatever users think of their pricing policies, it must be working for them or they would have changed it. I can guarantee someone has been crunching the numbers to maximize profit. There are many examples in life. Look at the price of a movie ticket, or purchasing popcorn there, Starbucks coffee! I feel they are way to overpriced and do not purchase them, but they are still in business at those prices so must be selling enough to make numbers. If their numbers dropped they may adjust pricing to increase sales, but no need to if they are still profitable.


I’m pretty sure they have good numbers on how much they’d lose or gain by lowering their prices. If lowering the prices would bring in more money, they’d do it, but right now there are many whales who pump so much into the game. It’s been the #3 most grossing simulation game in the app store since it was released.


I quit buying those offers. I stopped after the $19.99 one and even regreted getting that one back in the day…

Still though, its my money, ill spend it on what I want. If I REALLY wanted to compete in arena 9 or something by tomorrow… i would buy all kind of stuff from the store and be happy about it :sunglasses:

Unfortunately my real life hobbies trump my JW-A addiction, so I would rather buy ammo or a new guitar pedal etc, etc, then pixles.


Same here, only missed one because I couldn’t afford it at the time!