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Level 19 almost 20 player looking for active tournament alliance

Hi all, looking for a good alliance which shares DNA and is active in tournaments. I have a long history of top tier gaming and after a long time of strictly collecting DNA I am ready to be more active in tournaments and so forth.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have a spot in an alliance which is routinely getting high tier weekly incubators and is participating in tournaments.


hello if you want you can join our alliance. MyVeryWait Jurassic fes leader arme84 # 1337

How are you guys doing on the current challenge?

Get Jurassicked 9/8 alliance pushing for 380k trophies.
apply or msg/friend me Spectre3875#0539

8 and 7 are for the 170. in the tournament. they are looking for very active players. precisely for this.

Im colead at BadRexi we are a 10/9 alliance and looking for a player to help get us to 500k. Let me know if you interested and I will make a spot for you. Send friend request to SneakyOrc18#5393

I added you sneaky, Weert00

If ur still looking for an alliance my alliance is currently rank 110s we have 2 lv 20 sanctuaries, 10/9 in missions but discord is required if interested message me on discord MegalodonGamer#6965 my alliance name is BoneWars but add me on discord before requesting to join

Sneaky, not sure what happened but I got booted from the alliance. I re-applied.

Going to be on all night, was hoping to add to our ranks :slight_smile:

I added you on discord.

Newraptors is an international alliance that is recruiting active daily players. Rank 9 / 8 weekly. On track for Tier 7 incubator for June monthly alliance tournament. Looking for active daily players that participate in the weekly tournaments with 10 takedowns. Feel free to send an in game join request to newraptors. No mandatory chat, donate or sanctuary rules, just a great group of players that cover the missions evenly, donate and contribute to a successful alliance !