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Level 19, looking for new alliance

I’m currently in a pretty active alliance with 9/8 alliance incubators but there is zero coordination in raids meaning that besides the epic and mammotherium raids, I’m struggling to find any teammates to win with. I’m in Australia so time zones are important. My max trophies are 4830, I always complete 10 takedowns in tournaments.

My gf is level 17 and also very active so if you have 2 places for active players, we’re keen to move. If you can take my son (level 10 but progressing fast), even better.

My team is below.

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we are looking for active members. if you are interested in joining our alliance, the name is MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337

and there is room for both girlfriend and son.

if you can also write the nikname and code !!!

We’re looking for new members too! Alliance: TrykOrTreat. I’ve posted a message today on forum. There you can see the information about our alliance! :slight_smile:
My in-game name is there too. If you want to, you can add me in the game! :slight_smile:

We can make space for both of you!

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If you are looking for a player / friend that lives in Australia and loves to grind the raid bosses into the ground every chance they get then give me a buzz as i live in Western Australia and i am very active in raids all the time add me to your friends list if you want my details are these below.
JoeVolcano27 and my player number / member number is this one here >>>> # 6132

If you Australian and looking for an alliance TerraAustralis alliance is currently recruiting after a clear out.
Its an international worldwide alliance but obviously has an Australian influence.
You can message the leader on discord gabsiela#1803
or contact them on here.

if you want, you can join my alliance. We are in need of members immediately. Friend me at ExtinctBuckle22 #9005

Hey the raptor Brotherhood 2 is quite active we have excellent co ordination we are helpful and friendly we are 10/10 alliance and getting tier 8 for gemini championship there is also room for your gf if you mind joining.

I’ll send you a pm

Hi there.

My alliance called The Chaos Theory would love to have y’all in it! We rank 6-7 each week or higher depending on people’s work schedules or family life. We communicate on discord about dna requests, strategies on raids, and helping each other level up. We are like a big family…

Feel free to check us out :slight_smile: