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Level 20-21 Team Goal - Get them All

My goal of getting the largest playable team of creatures is well under way. This is my 2nd account where I stop leveling at 20 with everything but the uniques that will remain at 21.
This is just my level 20-21’s but I play any from level 15 to 21 on teams. I’m not boosting any for obvious reasons that I just have too many to boost. I have more coming up but working on completing my dinodex first.

I have 163 dino’s level 15 and up so it is getting harder and harder to decide which I want to play from one day to the next.


good luck. that’s quite an undertaking.

got an idea for you for a themed team if you haven’t already done it. Alphabet. use a team of 8 starting at 1 end of the alphabet through the end until you’ve used each one at least once.


That is a solid idea

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This… is…Awesome!

Same here. I have dedicated my second account to staying at 20 and 21. I just got Smiloemys today. Super stoked on that

I’m still working on my personal goal of getting all prehistorics up to 20th. So far I have a few up there and the majority up to 19th (need more coins!!!).

I did something like this when my teams were level 15-16 and went through most all my dino’s.

I would replace any dino that made it into battle. It took a while to get through them all. I was just using a random number generator to pick my replacements. The a-z method would work well.