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Level 20 and what next?

I am lvl 20 now. I would like to see how much xp I earned since I reached that level.
So I could still have some competition wirh my friends at same level

And maybe after a certain amount of xp (750.000 or so) get the possibility to buy an special incubator?? Now this all stops with level 20

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The grind to level a synergistic team of uniques to lvl 30 I imagine and after that domination of the leader board! Good luck and may the crits be with you

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I hit level 20 last week - you see all the little XPs flowing up to the circle just to vanish - I agree it would be good if they continued to accumulate and rewards were given at what would be the equivalent of a level up.

Look at your profile and see if the xp number still increases after you level up dinos. If it stays at the cap, you might be wasting xp by leveling up dinos. I’m sure they’re going to raise the max level from 20. So if leveling up dinos doesn’t increase your total xp, then I’d stop leveling up dinos.

I suppose that xp are not vanished.They stack in the game servers and when there will be raise of the level cap,you will get automatically many levels

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Just says max level reached. They need more xp rewards beyond this.

Not leveling up is not an option! I want my dinos as high (and strong) as possible

No worries. The player levels will be increased really soon. What the Devs want is money. One of the ways is by offering the OTOs each and every time players levelled up.

Money. Money. Money.

Is Level 20 still the maximum cap in the game?

Yes, user level 20 is end game.