Level 20 bot teams very tough

What gear do you put on these guys? I’ve never beaten a level 20 team since the last upgrade. I’m not really complaining since you only match me against them occasionally, but just awestruck by how tough they are.

Today my 17 Naomlen got in a wounding (common helm) attack against 20 bot Naomlen, and only took off about 1/3 of HP. That attack kills 95% of the time when it lands. My whole team was dead a few actions later. I’m like “who are these guys!”

I use a lot of Push, Stun, Dominate, and Disable attacks against bots.

Naomlen’s Keen Daggers (Rare) do good damage with a high proc rate to push. Great against Raika/Tommus packing counterattack.

Other than that, just cross your fingers that you can get Dominate or Injure working in your favor to either make it 5v3, or make them miss a turn due to dying to Injure.

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