Level 20 looking for alliance

looking for new alliance, i was a little inactive in pvp and a little low for my level of dinos, so im now im getting mroe active and have gained around 150 to 200 trophies. i have discord, Colin7 #2012.
i donate a lot of common, done a lot of rare, depending on dino.

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You could join my alliance, the raptor triggers.

I didn’t make it I’m part of it

Come join us in RockChalk GEN2 :slight_smile: we will help you with apex raids, tournaments and other stuff! We love our discord server, so glad you also use it! Just sent us request to RockChalk GEN2! See you there!

hello, i might join my old allaince, theyre pretty cool. since its full. ill probably go to urs tho. ill join ur discord server if i dont get accepted, i saw it in the allaince details.

i joined my old one, sorry. i hope you find two more people to join urs

Nice indominus!