Level 20 Player. Level 30 Dino


So what happens when a player hits level 20? Does it just stop or are XP still accumulating for future enhancements?

And what happens when a Dino hits level 30? Can you still add more DNA?


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Nothing, dont happen nothing in any case xd


I feel a little disappointed that there are no more levels. :unamused: Reached level 20, all achievements done… I’d like something more to work for than just battles which stress me out. I can only dart so much and collect so many coins. Though I suppose with more levels and achievements I’d never put the phone away…


More levels will come along in time. JWA hasn’t even been out six months yet.


Just noticed from a screenshot that when a Dino hits level 30, the display stops at 0/Max. So no more DNA is being accumulated. At least not visibly.

Do level 20 players keep accumulating XP?


Lol. If you have player lvl 20 and all lvl 30 dinos after only 4 months after the games global release…than you either have spend a ton of money which you would have probably spend on something more usefull and meaning or you have no life and only grind for this game ;-).