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Level 20 player with 4800 trophies looking for an alliance

I’m looking for an active and friendly alliance with tier 8 tournament incubator or better (if that makes sense). I have discord and very Raid active. So just in general a powerful alliance who has at least a 3000+ trophy requirement to join.

Hello, im from Our Rising Kingdom, we get T 8 on tournament, i’ll message you via DM on this forum

Hi Ryan!!

JWAELITE is just the alliance for you!! We are an active, cool and friendly alliance. Active on discord! Have a global user base, hence are active catering to all time zones. Tier 8 on 4 weeks and 9 on 5 weeks tourney… and 9/8 on alliance missions. We will help you beat each and every raid boss and unlock all apexes if you haven’t done so. Please do reply if interested as we have a spot open! You can also connect with me on discord lordofgamers2528(JWA Elite)#3067


You forgot to mention 10/10 alliance missions

do you still have a spot open coz I’m around 4900 but I’m in an alliance with poor communication so it’s hard to do raids.
Also what level sanctuaries do you guys get?

Yes, we do!!

Just to tell you abour ourselves :

JWAELITE is a cool, active and relaxed alliance and we are looking for active players! What we have to offer:

Active, cool alliance which loves to play this game!
We will help you beat every Raid Boss! Beat Magnus and Lux with a lvl 15 irritator, Morty with a lvl 10 Marsupial Lion and Gorgotrebax with a lvl 20 Skoola!!
At least Tier 8 in tourneys
At least 9/8 on weekly missions
2-3 vl 20 Sanctuaries
We take care of each other and especially our junior members
We are active on discord
We have a healthy density of senior players to guide each one of you with strategy and team building guidance!

What we expect :

Be respectful and polite, as this is a family friendly alliance
10 Takedowns in tourneys is mandatory
Be active on the game, uninformed long periods of inactivity is not acceptable
Respect sanctuary rules
Discord is preferred. We dont expect you to be very active on discord, but light presence is at least expected. Also raids are better coordinated over discord
Contribute to missions as best as you can, be no pressure
Enjoy the game!!

Contact me on discord , lordofgamers2528(JWA Elite)#3067, and we can get you onboarded quickly!