Level 20 Requirements for Level 16 Legendary?

I’ve recently just attempted to make the new Hybrids most notably the New Unique “Quetzorion” which requires a Level 20 Tanycolagreus and a Level 20 Pteraquetzal, one of the new Legendaries. Pretty standard requirements for a Unique creature right? Well that was the case until I tried to make the “Pteraquetzal” which needed a Level 20 Ptera and a Levle 20 Quetz, which at the time I didn’t notice. Now after I sank almost 3000 dna leveling Ptera up to 20 and 8000 dna leveling up the Quetz and a decent chunk of coins I’m left with a premature Pteraquetzal stucked on level 16 that couldn’t even stand up. Ludia please send help and reimburse my poor baby dinos back :frowning:

Hey Copypastarino, I’m sorry to hear that happened and our team has corrected the requirements. Could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can assist you with this? Thanks!

Looks normal on my Android version.

That’s because it has since long been fixed.

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I should have waited for the fix, jumped the gun on that one and leveled both to 20 too soon :expressionless: I will send an email as well.

This is posted by another player. This is exactly what I saw as well and it wasn’t even a typo else it would just let me start fusing if it was. It wouldn’t have let me fused it unless both my flyers were level 20.

@Ned I just did now thanks.

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Mine worked not had chance to use it yet though as it refuses to come out to play…

I did the same thing. Made a post about it earlier and then someone reported they fixed it in game to show 15 now.

However, I sunk a ton of DNA and coins into something that’s now worthless.

I just sent in my request.
I asked for a roll back on the two dinos to 15 and the DNA from 15 to 20 returned.
They can even keep the coins.
Normally I’d expect the “Tough luck but we cant do anything” response.
This is kinda different.
It’s all on them this time. LOL

I just sent an email too, hope it gets resolved. They have been good in the past. I thought it was odd, but got a little too anxious I guess.

Edit: good catch by those that noticed!

Anyone hear back from support?

Sorry to hear that players suffered from this bug, I didnt experience it coz the patch had been out a number of hours before I first logged in, so was already patched.

This situation should 100% be refundable if they have any semblance of fairness as it was a bug that caused direct loss of progress for those affected!

Hope you all get a refund!

Where do I send an email for this situation too.

+1000 we all hope that

I knew I saw that! I thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t find it a 2nd time. Guess it got fixed while I was just fusing another dino in the mean time.

Luckily I was busy fusing the others and posting images here - I saw the post about the bug before I got to it - I doubt I would have noticed otherwise. Even if they can’t rollback the creatures to L15 they should surely give you back the DNA and coin.

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I emailed support straight away but nothing yet. Anyone heard back from support?

My email from support came a few minutes ago. They’re providing the coin, Quetzal and Pteranodon DNA used to level up!!


Thats awesome I still haven’t heard from them tho hopefully soon :slight_smile: