Level 20 Sancs built in 9 hours, 10/10 and 4700 lowest trophy count, 1 spot

SWAMP CHOMP is looking for ONE member, again!!

What you get:

  1. An Alliance where the LOWEST trophy count is at 4715 trophies.
  2. 4-5 ranked players. Not only do many of us routinely finish in the top 100 of tournaments, but our leader was ranked in the top 50 overall last PVP season.
  3. Consistently attaining 10/9 or 10/10 on Alliance missions.
  4. Access to TWO Level 20 sanctuaries, built as part of a massive group project. We are able to build a L20 Sanctuary in under 10 hours.
  5. Discord-active members there to advise, or just to chat.

What you need to be:

  1. 5000+ Trophies.
  2. Active daily, donating, DBI’s, etc.
  3. Access to Discord for Sanc strategy and if called upon for alliance matters.

Apply directly IG or reply if interested.