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Level 20 sanctuaries in less than 48hrs? Come join The Valley CoOp

Would you and your alliance finally like to progress in the game?

The Valley is a brand New CoOp with experienced leads!

We are looking for teams New or Old to share sanctuaries with! Full training will be given

We are experienced Leads and We’d love for you to come and join us on our new adventure!

Please contact LittleFoot#7910 or TheNerdyNomad#3217 on Discord to start your new adventureimage


Is your alliance ready for a new adventure?
Come and join us on ours

How can you benefit from Joining The Valley?

Level 20 sanctuary

Fun happy environment

Plenty of strategies to help you and your team be the best they can be.

Work with some of JWAs top 100 teams

Full training from experienced leads

Our server has a raid area where we can help your members conquer those Bosses with ease.

If your looking to move your alliance to the next level whilst having fun and meeting lots of new friends then where the CoOp for you

Send me a PM or Message us on discord LittleFoot#7910 or TheNerdyNomad#3127 to join us in this exciting new adventure

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Thank you for removing our brand from your post. Best of luck!

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So today The Valley did something amazing and completed it’s very first build in less than 24hrs!

If you would like to become a part of an amazing new and fun CoOp that will give you a full lvl 20 sanctuary in less than 2 days send me a DM or contact littlefoot (me) or TheNerdyNomad on the discord IDs above and we’ll get you trained and started on your own beautiful journey to lvl 20 sanctuaries



I can attest this is an amazing group with fantastic people. Well done!


Bumping up and supporting! This group is amazing, well organized and friendly. If you’re wanting level 20 sactuarys, come with these guys! They are growing!


Sounds like a bitter ex to me haha


We now have the level 20 sanctuary that was built in less than 24 hours, and 2 more sanctuaries at high levels full of those hard to get creatures!

This has been our first cycle and it really has been a fantastic achievement.

Why not join us and help you and your alliance enjoy more hard to get dna? It’s much easier than you might think!

Simply contact LittleFoot or the TheNerdyNomad on the links in the original post


There’s no need to spread Arks Propaganda on this thread. If they are so great, they don’t need to poop on others parade.


The Valley CoOp are looking for teams to join us in our awesome CoOp

So if you’re looking for a fun place for your alliance to learn and grow whilst having access to level 20 sanctuaries

Pm me or discord

Littlefoot#7910 or TheNerdyNomad#1491

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The Valley is a great place for any team or player who wishes to progress in the game! We have elite teams and casual teams, veterans helping with raids, and many NEW strategies that can take any alliance or player to the next level. Our mission is to help players achieve their goals and have fun doing so! We are not only looking for alliances. If you are a player looking for an alliance, feel free to contact us as well and we’ll help you find a great one! We’d love to have you all here to experience it.

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Come and join one of our 20+ alliances in The Valley, we have alliances that will suit all play styles from casual to hardcore