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Level 20 Sanctuaries Under 12hrs, CoOp Strategy Redefined!

As an advocate of the ARK, I’m here to represent the many teams that seeks your attention and interests. Find out what the Alliance Recruit Korner can do for you, your team, your strategies!

Well hello again DPG members! It’s been some time since I’ve been on the forums! Time to expand your mind and the way online communities work together! Let’s see if I can keep this short and maybe you’ll be more inclined to read it! lol

Remember this as you read on: LESS IS MORE!

The goal of CoOp is to break the level 20 mark as quickly as possible to have as many dinos as possible to start interacting and obtaining 114 Epic DNA per day, starting day 1. Most teams have many low level sanctuaries from poor understanding of why CoOp even existed. If you’re struggling to get past level 11 you are only seeing 78 Epic DNA per day. By the end of the week you would have LOST at LEAST 216 Epic DNA from not working in a CoOp or choosing to do themed sanctuaries. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example:

Adding more sanctuaries is NOT FAVORABLE because you are adding time and effort from everyone which means more days at lower level sanctuaries which returns less DNA. Strategy is the counter! For a CoOp that is 100% active and applies the ultimate strategy of saving all 18 FITs (yes these are your sanctuary tools, Food, Interaction, Toys) to reach level 20 in a day:

508 folks (10+ teams) for a sanctuary filled with level 20 epics averaging 63 SP
311 folks (6+ teams) for a sanctuary averaging 103 SP (all level 30 epics)

Most teams would find themselves closer to the lower SP average. The current teams (1st/2nd time doing CoOp) that are doing trial runs in the ARK right now has a sanctuary averaging 75SP which only requires 425 folks (8+ teams) to reach 20 in a day. We’ve proven it can be done and here’s proof 2x (need to see a video? click here):

So your thinking at this point should be…do we have enough “active” teams or high level dinos (with boosts) to be EFFICIENT and NOT WASTE FITs. Do you have what it takes to build a 20 in a day? Sharing strategy can also be efficient if done properly. The ARK is on a mission to build two 20s in 12hrs.

Some Tips:

  1. Communication is vital in successful CoOps (i.e. cooperation of many teams)
  2. Cooperation/Teamwork is a must
  3. Some form of democracy/rules must be set in order to achieve the goals
  4. Sanctuary levels determine how many DNA you get and how many dinos you can place
  5. Rarity/Level/Boosts determines how many SP you can utilize to expedite the leveling of sanctuaries
  6. Voting ensures your voice/dino is represented

Do you think your team only needs 1 sanctuary to satisfy your needs? What if customization of the CoOp is a thing? Well my DPG friends still reading, it is possible!

What is the ARK? It’s redefined now and has always been the Alliance Recruit Korner. We are here to put ultimate strategy to the test. You can either join the teams of the ARK or simply find other teams that wants to work together under the guide/mentorship of the Family of Nerds.

Here is what the ARK will offer you and your teams:

  1. Sophisticated system in which way voting is done for all 108 dinos that can be placed into sanctuaries (use your top 15 dinos as your profile to find other compatible teams on the ARK)

    Votes are automatically counted and for the CoOp it will show you the best layout to apply to generate the fastest leveling to add more dinos to pick up as many interactions from the team as possible. The little thinking that has to be done is who got the best dino! (watch how the system works: click here)

  2. Casual teams also benefit from the ARK. We are not just looking for hardcore players or hardcore teams. There is room to allow for all of this. We make it possible with the teams we have now for lateral transfers. If you are in need of a casual team you just join the casual team but if you ever find yourself more available a simple shift will allow you to gain the 10/10 alliance rewards. We, the ARK, ensures both casual and hardcore teams reaps the benefit of strategy without discrimination/drama. If you want 10/10 team, we have those teams looking for you. If you want to be a casual player, we have the right team for you as well.

  3. For now, the exclusive sanc management we are utilizing is exclusive to the vetted teams of the ARK, it doesn’t mean you can’t have what we have…level 20 sanctuary in a day! Join and see how we will put your team with other teams! The ARK is growing (15+ teams) and with more teams joining, it means there will be a steady flow of players moving around finding hardcore/casual teams part of CoOps.

We look forward in making huge strides in the customization of CoOp. Imagine if 6 teams only want 8 dinos. A level 20 in 12+ hours with 6 teams leaving them to enjoy it for more than 13 days! But until we have enough teams, such customization can’t happen so we are stuck with more diverse desires in dinos so being efficient and building the level 20 with the right numbers of teams is crucial. Sharing is always an option but Teams of the ARK are dedicated on building their own sanctuaries ground up because of more control and less rogues! It’s never fun to watch a sanc grow so quickly with a level 1 velociraptor in one of your enclosures.

Don’t miss your chance in joining something great, The Alliance Recruit Korner! We are true strategists at heart making strategy a walk in the park so you can gain the most always!

Yours truly,


Yeah! A real genius here!! We are part of this family. If you speak Spanish and want to join our alliance, contact me. If you speak English in the ARK discord you will find what you are looking for :slight_smile:

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What if we speak French? :slight_smile:

ARK discord

Being a part of this massive operation has been amazing. I’ve learned so much and met so many other players that enjoy the game the way I do.

We’ve learned more about teamwork and strategy. We’ve learned to better communicate to get these missions completed. The last 2 weeks we have completed at rank 10/10

Over the last month we’ve been apart of 2 rotations of level 20 sanctuaries. We’ve progressed faster to get to 20 with new teams and communication.

The ARK has been a game changing experience for myself, my alliance, and the co op we work with.

Come join us!


That’s a shame, we did it with only 3 alliances under 24 hours :upside_down_face:


Recently? That is impressive if you did. Show me yours would love to see it. Date stamp please.

Impressive. Congrats on that achievement.

I like it with more teams, that way I don’t have to use as many of my own items nor do I have to buy any.



It’s in the forums already months ago :slight_smile:

Oh that is disappointing to learn. Would love to see you all do it now with three teams. Then you will have this girls full respect and attention.

You mean now, when it’s easier to do? We get more FIP every week by 3x fold than we did months ago :thinking:

Found it! Level 20 under 24 hours

Yes now silly. We are a competitive bunch in JWA. LOL

Still waiting for a team to do in 23 hours with 3 alliances. Now that would be competitive

Not with 13 alliances

Wasn’t that in the old system with old boosts? New sanctuary rules and new challenges. Got to let those old days go. Let’s see something new. Besides we are doing it to help players succeed that is our only true desire. Bragging about unreproducible achievements doesn’t bring us more DNA.

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New system with new boosts is easier to level up. :upside_down_face: you want to be competitive then live up to the 3 alliance under 24 hours dream :wink: not where we get 30 extras FIP at minimum at week

Looking forward to seeing your team achieve it. I am sure the players will appreciate it. We just keep moving forward. Wishing you the best of luck!

Why do we need to reachieve it in an easier system :thinking: when we already achieved it in a harder one :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


For the same reason humans invented the wheel. To improve the life of their fellow humans. LOL