Level 20 Sanctuaries Under 12hrs, CoOp Strategy Redefined!

Want to know why our alliances did it in under 24 hours with just 3 of us in a harder system? Cause we act like a team.


From Jorge our favorite ex-community moderator.

Section 3
“How do Sanctuaries Level Up interact with Stat Boosts 2.0?
After Stat Boost 2.0, the Sanctuary Level Points bonus from Stat Boosts will have been adjusted to consider this change (since it is impossible to max out every stat anymore). Each creature will give around 20% more Sanctuary points. In the end, a maxed out creature (Level and Stat Boosts) will give the same amount of Sanctuary points as before.
This will also help players at low Levels as their creatures also generate 20% more Sanctuary points.”

Sanctuary dinos at max levels will achieve the same SP. It is the same difficulty. If you are saying that you are running sancs dinos with 30 boosts applied, then please show us. The JWA community will be grateful for this I am certain.

To all the readers. My apologies for the posts above. Everyone has their opinions driven from their own experiences or rumors. As a fellow JWA player who loves this game to the point of addiction, I believe that we are a player’s first community and appreciate anyone who can learn from what is being shared. Enjoy, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

And the opinions expressed below too. Sorries.

Yeah, and everyone of the 1500 players more than likely obtain 30+ extra FIP per week. Making it easier. :upside_down_face: I mean if we tried it in this system. We be done with 3 alliances in idk 20 hours? Give or take. But the fact remains, we did it in a harder system with way less alliances. And we treated our alliances with respect while doing so. Instead of throwing them under the bus :upside_down_face: have a nice day


That just means 1500 players currently using their FITs on level 20 sanctuaries. Should we not be happy instead of whatever this is? Let’s just celebrate it. Good luck Tem hoping you can also bring some sunshine into your CoOps as well. :sun_with_face:

@Temerity hey there. I don’t know about any personal drama or bad blood with anyone.

I know what I’ve seen and been a part of over the last month or so. I joined discord in mid January and joined the ARK and Dino Nerds about then.

Everything I’ve experienced has been very positive and drama free. There has been no bullying or any rude comments. Everyone is friendly and we joke with each other. We are a new family of alliances.

I wrote a big story of my journey. Lots of my members commented their testimony to it as well. Some were veteran players and others brand new.

Anyways we’ve had a great time and experience. I’m sorry you didn’t.

Instead of arguing and having egos, why not make a friendly competition and do what we did but with your 3 alliances in the new system? There’s nothing to lose by doing it and you would have old and new bragging rights.

Peace to you.


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Consider yourself Fortunate :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s get back on topic and refrain from making any personal attacks.


What I don’t understand with these things is… I don’t want to use my items on creatures that I don’t want any dna of. I only use them on carbonemys. And for a short time here I’m doing the snake too. So if they aren’t full of carbo I wouldn’t use it. I don’t need 30 extra rex dna that I can dart a global rexy for 250…

while you won’t get what you want in the beginning, from my understanding, once the lv 20 sanc is completed, you can get 19 dna per round of FIP on an epic. and you can get that for the rest of the life of the sanc. over the course of say 10-12 days, that much extra dna adds up.


@Sixty-Four hey there, that’s why we established a 3 dino vote system. 3 dinos you are working on. We apply the sanctuary leveling based on the demands and common interests. if you don’t want Trex dont interact with it. No one is being forced to interact with any dinos. Those that want trex will interact and drive the leveling accordingly. From there your dino would come up next. Then it is your turn to join in on the fun.

With 6 sets of FITs per day, strategy is to not let folks become lazy with only 2 duplicates of any dinos. However, as of late we have bumped up popular dinos for our friends of the CoOp to 3 such as Trex, Sino, Boa. All is to encourage the interactions (NO TO WASTING FITs on one dino like some strategies out there). In 6 hours you can use your 6 sets of FITs. Also this leaves room for more dinos. At 48 slots (2 sancs) it fulfills the needs of our votes. You’re welcomed to join the ARK ask questions if you want to find out more!

Our new teams, help push the sanctuary to level 11 within the hour so by then your carbo is already there for example plus many other top voted dinos. These popular dinos help drive the sanctuary level home at 20 where more dinos are added. From there it’s rinse and repeat. 2 carbos will be there for you if you were part of the fun.

Let the mass drive the leveling so the few can enjoy the variety (sanctuary does not level up with the one person voting for Tarbo but if all folks want tarbo, the strategy will apply it even if the 2k DNA request isn’t enough…even I have a level 30 Tarbo itching for sanc use).

@Qiew every DNA counts! It does add up! Free DNA is Free DNA. No wasting of sanc items!

P.S. SP for the Boa is very high (5th pattern of the epics) for level by level comparison. It’s sad to see the mammoth give the lowest SP.

I see it makes some sense. Sounds like I could get more by doing that for sure. I don’t think my alliance is 100% organized to doing this. Most of us are in great contact communicating through discord but some of us don’t pay the most attention heh.

How much carbo dna do you think one could get at the end of the sanctuary when it ends. Right now I mostly have things like themed lvl 7 carbo sanc with like 6-8 turtles in it.

But we did manage to do this… its 16 snake dna per pop.

Yup you broke the 3rd barrier of epic increase. One more layer and you’ll reach 19. But at 6 sets of FITs that means you are only getting 96 snake per day. If you joined our CoOp you would be enjoying 114 snake per day after the first day!

Themed sancs (poorly explained) = is for inactive players that want to use all their items in one shot and is not part of a CoOp. Since the update it is harder to reach level 5 sanctuary level which means you are wasting more FITs at these levels. Once you hit 6 you break even and from there it is easier to reach the higher levels. It used to take 600k SP to reach level 20. Now it only takes 576k. However, the numbers don’t lie. The CoOp knows what it takes to reach said levels with the right teams you can do it. All numbers has been crunched and what is possible and what is not. Themed sancs does NOT give more of the same dino DNA EVER! Just take what DNA you get for the 3 actions and x6 that is your daily max. So instead of having 6 snakes in a sanc, if you do 2 at level 20, interact 3x a day (6 hours total time spent) this encourages more daily activity so it is a win win in terms of strategy and getting folks to open the game. Kinda like those cash links. You’ll be amazed how many folks signed up to be tagged for the game cash in the CoOp. 200+ bucks at times! But at the end of the week, remember you were getting less than 16 for how many days? But let’s assume you reached 16 DNA for snake after one day, so for 6 days (16 x 6 sets of FITs x 6 days = 576 snake DNA vs a CoOp that gets you to 20 in a day, for 6 days you get 19 DNA x 6 sets of FITs x 6 days = 684 snake dna). That’s darting another 108 snake DNA…if you see it in the wild!

P.S. Carbo follows the same pattern as Trex so at Sanc level 6-11 you are only receiving 13 DNA per set of FITs so daily you are only getting 78 carbo DNA, after 6 days, 468 DNA. In the early post, you will see the green bars = important levels for dinos that share the same pattern.

As another tease since I like to show numbers before:

At level 15 these are the SP for most EPICs

Mammoth: 46
Majority of epics: 49
Allo2, Carbo, Pachy, Stygi, Rhino: 51
Blue, Diplo: 54
Snake/Boa: 57

That snake at 20 will help drive the leveling for sure! Thanks to the tournament we are there now with CoOp!

I’m the same way. I just want the snake right now and that’s it. There is plenty of dna out of all the dinos in there that I do want though but I’m not working on at the moment.

So we take 1 days items and “sacrifice” but in the end you’d still use the dna later. They’re all good dinos. Once the sanctuary hits level 20, you have the other 13 days (12 if building 2 sancs) to use all your items as you please.

I’m the long run, you get more dna for the dino you want dna for and for a longer period of time. I was iffy myself but I reap the rewards now. It’s worth it.

This is what one of our sanc builds set ups look like @Sixty-Four

The other sanc has 2 boas so 3 at the end of the day

What we lack in dino levels and boosts, we make up with the numbers with CoOp

These were the votes that the layout was built from. The teams that were added in to the trial run late were unable to vote but they were okay with the set up so they joined!

Oh I see… the themed vs coop and the loss. Yeah that is quite a bit. Well I’m not really sure my alliance wants to even attempt that. So I don’t know how to do it. And I wouldn’t want one of our players to just see it and put something in. We have some that will but they’re very nice and active members who don’t fully understand it all.

I have almost lvl 23 spinoconstrictor now though. But really I just want turtle dna and a lot of it. It’s not for nemys. I want a big epic turtle. And also saving some for the carbotops hybrid that might come.

And I see now that eventually you do get that one creature you want. I see that this is all well planned and good. I also don’t get how you share a sanc between alliances oof.

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Maybe you want to join the ARK? lol. The configurations possible for CoOps is vast. But for now we are just having fun experimenting what new teams to strategy and CoOp can do. Like @Phil has said he’s one of the new teams on board working closely with the Nerds and his words are his words so I had no influence on his story but I do appreciate his honesty and hard work as always. He’s trying to help build the other teams we are working with now…like a recent 8 member relocate to one of our CoOp that are low on members! Strategy comes first but 10/10 can come later as that just requires more folks.

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I never really cared about sancs much before because I’m a very effective hunter, but with the shift toward unobtainium dinos that Ludia seems to be making I see sancs becoming far more important than hitting 10/10 alliance missions.
Sancs are pretty much the future and to say I’m interested would be an understatement.
What do you mean by teams?
Is that a term for an alliance or like minded players from several alliances?