Level 20 sanctuary under 1 hour

Hello all. Wanted to share the great things that the B.O.B. Discord discord group is doing. image


Congrats guys, that’s an awesome accomplishment! :heart_eyes:

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down right amazing.


People say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. In this case, I would like to see the 1000 words accurately describing how this was accomplished. Let me do the math for our fellow JWA members.

  1. The most sanctuary points that I have ever seen earned by a dinosaur was 157 SP for a boosted L 30 T-Rex.
  2. Therefore, one FIP could earn 3 x 157 = 471 SP.
  3. A player receives 6 FIP per day. Let us assume that each member buys the Trainer Bundle . Thus , each player has 16 FIP.
  4. 16 x 471 SP = 7536 SP.
  5. A total of 600,000 SP are required to create a L 20 sanctuary.
  6. 600,000 divided by 7536 = 79 players
  7. So depending on the SP earned by the two dinosaurs shown in the sanctuary, the number of players who would waste 16 FIP on these creatures in a one hour period , I guess that it would be possible for two Alliances do actually accomplish this.

Great breakdown there BigKin, some serious number crunching!

So to the op, are they the only two dinos that the alliances get to fip until the sanctuary hits level 20?

It makes sense to use dinos that give the most SP and by allowing more dinos to fip it’s gonna take longer I guess.

A very strict policy must be in place to stop rogue placements.

How many alliances were involved in the making of this sanctuary in less than an hour?

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Actually in this case they were the desired Dino’s to use. Currently I have quite a few lvl30 fully boosted Dino’s. Since our mission was to just see how fast we could do, we used these. Then we took the other lvl30 Dino’s and put into into other sanctuary’s that we built where all players can use any thing they want. In under a few hours those sanctuary’s are already lvl15 and lvl14. Will be 20 by tonight. I prefer reverse builds and ladder system shares over all the hopping around. The key is to just have an awesome group that likes to experiment and have fun. After all it is a game and few of us get paid to play.

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Assumptions are terrible things. The math is correct but did you ever take into account the 250 items you could have bought So let’s try it a little different way.

1 account holding 342 items x 148 sp = 50,616 sp per account.

And a lvl20 sanctuary is 584k total sp. not 600k. It was changed a few months back.

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Proud to be a part of BoB!!! It’s pretty amazing how smart and dedicated our alliances are. No drama and all love! It’s a beautiful thing💚


All legit. The level 30 mira belongs to my 9 year old son. Who obviously is not pay to play. The building accounts had pay to play obviously. And correction 9 years 11 months and 2 days. End of the day, it was something different and fun. Especially for players hitting the 2 year mark. And it’s nice to be in a position to do some thing for all the players who make up our co op. They respect not placing Dino’s in them. The often use items to get our sanctuary’s to level 20. Yes in the end we all benefit. But being able to give back to all of them is the true accomplishment. And that is what BOB is all about.
When setting all this up, not this particular sanctuary, but the co op alliances all the leaders common thoughts was how can we make the game experience better for all players? How can we help all players across multiple alliances of all different levels? Hopefully we do more then not. But first and most important, how do we keep things fun for every one. Cause with our fun, which Ludia has forgotten about it seems, why would you or any one sign on.


No worries.

Proud member of BoB. Enjoying the game more than 10000%

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Thats awesome!
Is that a record?
I saw the extra FIPS going out last night when the SD’s changed and was wondering if anyone was going to seize the day. LOL

Impressive achievement that will take some beating!