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Level 21+ Monostegatops?

I messed up this morning and stuck a Monostegatops in my first hatchery pod. The problem is that my Monostegatops paddock is full of level 15+ Monostegatops with a solitary level 10. Should I take a Monostegatops to level 21 to free up my hatchery pod or sell the creature for DNA?

Here is my current lineup



Try making one or two maxes and sell a few. but not too much

Now my opinion might not be what other experienced players would suggest, but I feel that if you can afford the loss, you can sell the Monostegotops. If you have enough S-DNA for a few more copies then you may sell the accidental Monostego.

Again, this is just what I think and it might not be recommended by experienced players…

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I like having strong dinosaurs, and you have enough material to create more with similar ferocities, so why not. That’s my opinion because I like progress and challenges, otherwise I get bored. I just don’t find it amusing to have hundreds of the same creatures “forever”. But you should do whatever you find more entertaining, it’s a game. Myself I already have a level 30 Monostegotops, and I’m creating a second one right now. Cooling down takes a day, so you’ll be able to use once a day. I always need it during the Fight for funds events, and some tournaments, the game doesn’t get much harder because of it (it’s my strongest dinosaur).

My experience is that selling valuable dinos hurts like hell. I would try it with a level 21 and see what happens.

Maybe you can consider this as a starting point to bring your overall ferocity to a higher level.

No risk, no fun.


Yes… that’s the spirit :fire:


Creating 1 outlier won’t affect your events that much.

A couple of forum members have L20 VIPs and a single L1 Indo without problem.

Unless you are struggling right now, you should be alright.


@Timmah okay, so a single level 1 Indoraptor (or maybe level 2, you know feeding animation) won’t deeply affect the PvE in a level 20 VIP bench? I hope it doesn’t, I might consider going for it.

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Since your events are determined by your top 3’s average, it only increases your score by 1/3 of the difference.

Will your events be harder? Yes. You may need class advantage to win some of them.

But, it is manageable. Another post had a thread dedicated to doing this recently.

Edit here: Just how disruptive is level 1 indoraptor to a level 20 vip bench?

Edit: and he is really L17 VIP.

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Time to start fussing like crazy, my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Mack a 30 he hits hard at 30 and harder at 40 i only got 30

Definitely get one to 21. The good part is that it’s a super hybrid and from lv 20 to 21 is the same jump from 19 to 20 so its not that big of a deal. It’s basically getting one to lv 20. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping that the consensus would be that a level 21 would not be overly disruptive. It would have broken my heart to sell it.

@Jurassic_Fury, I do not have any extra Monolophosaurus s-DNA. I have hatched as soon as I’ve been able to. Hence, my full paddock and dilemma.