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Level 23 dino's in Sorna?!


I’m facing level 23 dinos in Sorna including Indoraptor lvl 22, lvl 23 . What’s going on? Have I missed something?:thinking:


It’s probably people that have lost on purpose to gain access to certain dinos that are only given out/higher chance in battle incubators in your arena. They may actually be from several levels above you.


My dinos are level 23-27 and I’ll be in sorna if rng keeps killing me like it is


@Heather What you are doing that you are in Sorna with dinos of those lvls?

My team, currently and I’m bouncing between Lockwood and Aviary currently.


I’m not in sorna, I’m in the aviary at almost 5k trophies I was just making a joke about the RNG of this game being shocking :sweat_smile:


It’s horrible the losing streaks. I went ALLLLLL the way down to Marshes this morning with this team. I’ve decided I just don’t know how to battle. No seriously, facing Indoraptor after Indoraptor while choosing my four worst over and over. I’m not dropping arenas, just can’t do any better, and RNG hasn’t been on my side at all.


Good one. :grinning::grin:

Yeah, sometimes RNG have bad sense of humour.


Try to change one of weakest four. RNG just loves to use worst possible lineups. I was forced to change Gorgo for Trago, as RNG kept using glass canon lineups (Gorgo, Tryo, Utahsino and Indo or Indominus).

EDIT: I would change Allosino as just can’t do much at this level. Try Para, Megalo or Tryo istead of Allosino.

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Thank you for the tips. I just created Allo and wanted to see what it would do, but it’s only been chosen once :rofl:. The level of frustration at losing to much lower teams/higher trophies may just lead to a little craziness in lineups! I video’ed a couple battles of my game play to get some advice but can’t firgure out how to post them :woman_facepalming:


Easiest way is to load videos to youtube and just copy link here. Or click these three lines right above this window for writing comments and menu for adding things will appear.

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I’ve dropped from Lockwood down to the Ruins and soon to b in the Marshes if RNG doent stop going against me…grrrrrr it’s very frustrating when all ur fighting for is an incubator


This is my team…just levelled up my Stegod to 23


Try Rajakylo instead of Tryo or Tyranno.

I’m also never wait more than 30-35 seconds at searching for opponent.
When I lose 4 or 5 times in a row, especially if I don’t lose cause of my misplays, I stop fighting for a while. Day before Christmas was without incubator for few hours, but avoided free fall in trophies.