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Level 26 Tournament - Try Out New Creature Weekend

These level 26 tournaments for me is the time to try out the creatures I haven’t brought up to team level so I played this kind of seemingly ridiculous teams.
I got to use a couple of the continental creatures, Albert, Pork chops, the Ovio’s.

The big sunflower ended up being a great counter to those flocks of pigeons.

The squealing pork chop actually did quite well against raptors.

Albert the newest most nasty rare chomped its way through most anything.

But poor Albert was no match to the vulture which perfectly countered Alberts instant chomps.

I did win some battles but not till I figured out what was the best at countering the usually used creatures. It was fun to see what I could do with these odd balls that you just don’t see much of.


Sunflower is underrated honestly. I mean, it’s not op at all but it’s a great creature and fun to use