Level 26 Utahraptor

D_Mol, I know you have a level 26 Utahraptot, as do I. But do you also have that level 27 Gorgosuchus? I couldn’t believe that beast took my level 26 Stegoceratops with 1 shot. 6306 damage shot if I recall.

can we talk about the 26 utahraptor? i don’t use it, but mine is lvl 21, with like 22k DNA so it could get up several more levels. what is it used for? and gorgo is a beast if you can finish something with ferocious strike and then crit the rampage :wink:

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Better question…with not many things in regular use that outspeed it, out of what can…what couldn’t it be used for lol

why not v-raptor then?

A little more health, and damage at the cost of a few speed pts? Plus pounce not being its only big move. At least that I see.

If gorgosuchus have that one turn set up and crits on the next go (DSR on non debuffers and CI on debuffer), it can kill almost everything in the game.

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I decided to continue leveling up the Utahraptor to 26 rather than using the DNA for Utahsinoraptor and then Utahrinex simply because I would end up with level 20 or 21 of them which doesn’t really improve my battle team. Any decent level 26 rare is better than an Epic level 21, in my opinion.

I consider Utahraptor better than Velociraptor because it also has a 1.5x damage with 40% more critical attack which is much much better than Velociraptors 1x damage strike. And it has about 400 more health.

yeah, i just put it on my team and the first time i got to bring it in to finish off a stegodeus with fericious strike. my opponent brought out IREX because there’s nothing else you can really do with that setup already in place except pray for a dodge :joy: it didn’t dodge thankfully.

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Definely a hell yes moment when you land that through a cloak😂

image image


actually i guess you could nullify or distract or something, but i dont think they had that option because the next dino they brought out was tragodistis which didn’t last long either.

@Hersh out here making people buy new cell phones. or let me guess is heavily invested in otterbox :thinking:

Haha, neither. Why do you ask? :sweat_smile:
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You can’t start with it since it can only withstand 2, maybe 3 hits. But at level 26 it gives 2,700 damage with Pounce so when I have a creature die and opponent has less health than that (or adjusted for armor) then I can finish it off and usually get another great shot in on the next one. If the next used Superiority then I switch out. If not, another Pounce is used and maybe they can’t finish me off with the 50% damage reduction.

If I had to switch it out, it is ready to come in again with another 2,700 damage shot.

from people throwing their phones :joy:

i never get crits unless i don’t need it. if i can do 1000 damage and my opponent has 1200 HP, never getting that. if they have 12 HP left, erlidominus is popping it for 7000 :sob:


Hahaha, I’ve had that happen too.
Opponents got like 50 HP left and my Dino decides to crit 100x it’s remaining HP with like 5000+

I’m just thinking to myself …


Why not Pyroraptor then?

Since Utahraptor is a 24/7 global spawn, easier to get for most?


Quality is worth more than quantity :wink:

why not pyrritator?? :wink: