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Level 27 Smilonemys

How could someone level 27 Smilonems. Isn’t it too early?

You should remove the picture that shows the player name or someone will flag your post


Yeah, you have to remove the player name, because apparently calling out a spoofer is an offense far worse than actually spoofing. Been there, done that. I reported someone like this pre-armor week and guess what? He’s still around! Typical. They were quick to edit and flag my post though.

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Throw a few thousand bucks and you’re ready to go. Nothing really alarming here (Although i’m F2P, so this is kinda infuriating to see when i already struggle to create Ardentis or Tenonto)

you must live in L5. but that gap is closing… mine is 22 1/5

The problem is no purchasable incubators have had turtle, daily FIPs are limited and no scents to attract it so acquiring that much DNA really isnt possible

It’s now possible. With luck, time and dedication.

I’m still skeptical about anything over maybe 26. I have relentlessly hunted turtle and am just now 120/250 on my way to L 25. I know others may find more, but that much more? Seems fishy, but before you know it it’ll be possible so it won’t matter. I do love that creatures that have been in the game for a long time are same or lower level. That’s funny.