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Level 299


There is an issue on level 299

No more chocolate to remove :thinking::pensive:

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I passed it few mins ago, I’m on level 302, and so far never faced that bug, have you tried to replay the level ?

Yes, it’s ok now but I wanted to report this bug.
I finished all “normal” levels ^^

Thanks for your response :wink:

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Glad to hear that mate , btw how many levels there are currently ?

Thank you for reporting, @FragDuck,
Even though you’ve been able to complete this level, would it be possible to forward this situation to our Support team at

Our Park Engineers would love to have more information as it will greatly help them fix this issue and ultimately make the game better.

Please make sure to include your Support Key as well! It should be located either in the game title screen or in the in-game settings menu (gear icon located near the resource indicator.)

Thank you and hope that our Support team will hear from you soon!

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