Level 30 bots are really annoying


Hi guys, its clear that many of us face bots here and then.
You can reconize them on their level and behavior.

These bots often use standard skills, while they could kill you with a more advance skill.

They also often start with a healing skill, what has no use at all in the beginning.

When you face bots, you will also see they have much more criticals than normal players.

Here is a movie of level 30 bots.


That Rex take down, oooof. :sweat:


stop bots ludia…


One shot the Rex? Ouch.

I think bots would be fine if they were just more evenly matched to the player.


They should at least make them 25 or less…30 is just ridiculous.


Damn that looks difficult as hell, although I would never have used the raptor second. That T-rex kill was brutal though :joy: