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Level 30 Coalhaast

Could someone please explain how someone already has a level 30 Coalhaast


Probably spent a lot of time at parks hunting for the common lizard, and probably had a lot of haast dna( I know I do)
And then probably got a bunch of lucky fuses


I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of these running around at level 30, considering how long it’s been since the update
Usually there’s at least 2 running around within a few days by some very dedicated players


I have the coelhaast


If you live on a park zone a giga scent would get you alot of dna, you may even get double Coal spawns every 2min


Coelurosauravus are around all day, I live next to a park and there’s always at least one available. Haast is the tougher part of this hybrid, but being a top player, I’m sure they have a couple level 20 sancs to farm from.

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Is it good? Lol

It’s not hard to consider as it has been out for a while, it’s only a legendary, and it requires a common spawn. Unlike Compsocaulus which has Epic Compy with a low spawn rate.


It’s easy to make, but is it that good???

yes it is.

I agree that’s not too hard to get. It’s the 30 uniques that are mind boggling to me.

i dont need to mention the name. I know who it is that has everything level 30

It’s actually not IDGT

i know its not him

With dedication and time thats completely possible.

Personaly spent 13 hours with scents in park from Thursday to Sunday after update to create Coelhaast for legendary skill tournament. If I would continue with such hunt and would work on it, would probably be close to max lvl too.

Many players have lots of Haast dna, as they never invested in Poukan.


the person probably stayed up with no sleep


Dedication that’s all and it’s great people are still dedicated to the game because seriously alot of people are drifting away .


Easy, it’s a common. I also find it everyday since I live right next to a park, but I don’t always dart them, so a level 30 one isn’t hard and probably is really easy cause how much they spawn. I’m thinking you’re just jealous, cause they play and work much harder then you.

It’s not impossible. Biggest thing would be coin, if any. Idk, I have loads of eagle

Personally I’m using all my hasst for pouka - then I’ll think about leveling the legendary