Level 30 Gigaspike


Am going to press this “final green light button” now, to make her 30…

After browsing thru the leaderboards and browse other players, i think im the first JWA player to have lvl 30 gigaspike. Correct me if im wrong. If there is somebody else you see, then am just in the group of “among the first” then.

Still remember when i first level her up to level 22, just because shes innocently cute herbivor (and not because shes strong for battle!!) till i ask myself, wadehek am i doing?!But end up i decide to just maintain loyal to her in my team for months and cont to feed her.

There you go… Shes lvl 30 now. Thanks to my blood brothers, ApexPredators for helping me to raise her on her last level.

She blend in well with current meta. Now we have enough meat & foodstock for tryko, thor & stonix to eat for 1 month. Sobb. …haha!

Thanks Ludia.

~One Happy Player~


can I see the stats?

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Amazing dedication! Congratz! Sunce you have so many of its ingredients, I guess now you will focus on stegod and nodopatotitan to bring to lvl 30? I dont think i have ever seen a lvl 30 giga and nodotitan.

hi @sherwin. yea, my stego already long time 30. My ID in leaderboard is DrNizam, u can check my team. Seriously, i love to for nodopatotitan cos i looove herbivor! …but long time plan to ignore it and becos of current meta, …sharp teeth everywhere.


@kiros. here the stats as requested.

Ive testplay, if vs tank buster = shes doom. But if vs diloracheus & erli, shes a nightmare.
Her thick body can even withstand Erlido level 30 cloak damage


Congratulations !!! I have not even created it! All the DNA of Nodopatosauro is for my stegodeus.

Giga belongs to the long list of creatures that I can never see and that is getting longer.

Interestingly, I do not usually see them in the Arena either (I’m about 4800). What I’m curious about is to see someday its “cousin”, the “nodepatotitan” that I never created, I never saw it in the sand, I never found it in the wild and, not even, it appeared that I remember in an assault event . Poor creature :slight_smile:

Dont create giga or nodotitan @xescot! unless you have stegod up to lvl 30 first. Yes, stegod is a must & still the herbivor king, focus on it first. It will cause conflict of intrest in ingredients if you trying to level up both together.

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I know. DNA conflicts are terrible and I try never to create two branches. There have been two exceptions and I consider it the two biggest mistakes in the game, although at the time I lacked information when making the decisions.

On the one hand, I evolved my gorgosuchus, now out of the team, up to level 21 when I thought I could never create the spinotasuchus and it was not that powerful either. Then I had to rectify and now my spinotasuchus is only level 21 with tons of DNA from spino and utah but without Kapros. A real shame.

The second was the creation of the Monostegotops (it stayed at level 16) when it seemed impossible to obtain the necessary gallimimus for the Monomimus. Then this DNA began to arrive and I was able to create the Monomimus until 19 when this creature was essential. Now that it is a weak chicken, neither one nor the other is on my team. I have enough Monolophosaurus accumulated but I will not evolve neither one nor the other because neither a Monostegotops of 19 nor a Monomimus of 20 or 21 would be useful. And the creation of Monostegotops prevented my Stegoceratops, now back to the team, from having a higher level.

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congrats!! i have a 26 and have always loved her. saves my butt many times. enjoy!!


@neodejavu i was just asking @Pateradactyl about her on another post :joy::sweat_smile: have stegod at 25 and was wondering if i should invest in giga… but maybe not :thinking::sweat_smile:

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it all depends on how easily you can get the other ingredients and if you are willing to spend coin on both. that spot can easily be filled by a tryko or something later on.


and stego is hard to find right now so it wont be to hard to focus on giga.


I absolutely loved this Dino at launch and the first meta…

It seems that down the road, the ubiquitous availability of armor piercing attacks (i.e. stegod) made things a challenge for her but now she’s back! That 40% armor, shield, pinning and decel is perfect for the green chicken/pink pigeon duo.

Congrats bud!


Thats a good point, on stegos not being around so much now… and I am a few fuses away from getting tryko (need some kentro dna :sweat_smile:), so not sure if its worth it… but its tempting lol

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yea. luckily i (or we) manage to level up our stegody to the max or at least to some, as max as we can during our pre-pterosaur era. post-pterosaur era, urghhhh… hardly can see any stegosaurus especially now. Can imagine new players plan to start playing, will be more difficult to level up stegody.

Get tank-busters guys. Its tank-busters meta now, sharp teeth everywhere. Ideal number of tank in a team is usually just put 1, or 2.


Not only stegodeus (one of the best legendary), also stegoceratops (possibly the best epic). Now with the stegosauro almost gone (in many of the cities through which I pass no park is marked as park in the game) it will be almost impossible to generate these two creatures that are basic to evolve in the game. New players should opt for other weaker creatures which is in part an advantage for more experienced players but it is a bit unfair. For my part, both Stegodeus and Stegoceratops are part of my team (until now I never had problems to evolve both since there were stegos everywhere). Now they will stand without evolving a lot of time accumulating the other components waiting for a change in a new version.

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Tell me Gigaspike? Do you bleed?
You will!

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oooo im so scared!!!

Was it yours a couple hours ago?

yess😁 Can browse your opponent list history @Tenterro .DrNizam is my game ID

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