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Level 30 indoraptor easy strategy (not my post)



Nice strategy for low lvl player ^^

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Or one could just start with something like monostego and then finish with something fast as well.


This guide is for lower level people. By saying this you are just boasting at this point. Why not say “you can just use your 30 level erlidom to one shot it with a cloaked rampage”


Won by just using Spinotasuchus lvl 20. On a very lucky way:grinning:
Crit impact(get a critical)
Indo use cleansing
Then Lethal wound(also getting critical)
Indo uses DSR(got critical), then Indo died.


I did it in 2 moves - Thor criticism hit with DSI, then Crit hit with IC. done! in 2 moves. #luckySOB


I decided to mix things up this time and try out a new Dino I made a couple days ago …

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My L23 Stegoceratops smashed it down to within an inch of it’s life then L25 Tanycolagrius stepped in to polish it off. Easy.

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You can’t win here. If the creatures are too high level people will complain about that. Actually people complain about everything nowadays. Welcome millennials!!!


i know right. this guyjust says “just use monostego …” blah blah blah and i just consider it boasting


I purposely level up my sucho to L21 for this event and it works! Just bleed + Distraction Then we both died together lol.
Monostego? Thor? Erlidom?
There is no need to use an Ak47 to kill a group of ants.

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Bring velo(17),delta(17),pyro(14)and dra G2(14)
Turn 1: velo pounce and die by cleansing impact
Turn 2: pyro distracting impat and die by DSR
Turn 3: delta pounce and survive piercing strike with zero damage
Turn 4 : impact and run indo dies (before DSR from draco gen2)


Many people, myself included, use the strike events to test out their dinos or to try new strategies. Friendly battles are not always good for this as all dinos are the same level across the board.

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I’m not sure a level 30 indo qualifies as an ant … but that’s neither here nor there :man_shrugging:t4:


Used lvl 22 monosteg to open slowing impact Indo used basic strike W00T!?? T2 monos Stunning impact stuns before Indo gets chance to dsr or cleanse then lvl 20 drac g2 to the face! Dilocheirus lvl22 and gigaspika lvl 22 not even used! First strike I haven’t lost a Dino during! Hopefully the big trio strike Indo will come out and do same so I might actually have a chance!

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Maybe they should have compared it to antMAN? If so, bring your erlidom and I’ll bring green chicken!!! We’re gonna need them.


Here’s from a level 5 player -


Sent out my lvl 24 monostego to do the job, even with the indo doing a crit on cleansing impact my mono still managed to slow, stun then knock the indo off the grid.

Hopefully sundays boss battle will go just as smoothly :sweat_smile:


Ok so I had forgot to record this fight (heat of the moment kind of thing) so instead I took a shot by shot of the fight to show how I beat it plus the rewards I received from it. Now two things. 1.) I started taking the pics halfway thru the fight, sorry, but I started with my lvl 24 Suchotator with his instant distraction thinking Indo would start off with cleanse but he didnt for some reason. He hit me with his basic (of all things ikr) then I tried to bleed him but he used cleanse thus killing me.) So that’s when I pulled out my heavy hitter/BIG GUNS with my lvl 26 Spintosuchus. And 2.) After the battle as I was getting my rewards my phone thought it would be an excellent time to just automatically shut down for some reason that I haven’t figured out why it keeps doing that at the most absurd times. So that’s why in the pics it shows them one by one and then all of them grouped together. {Edit} Oh and for some reason the pics didn’t come out in the order that they should hav. I apologize. It should be in this starting order: Pic1, Pic 3, Pic2, Pic 4 and then the rest I believe are in order.