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Level 30 Indoraptor strike event?


I read somewhere that today’s strike event is going to be a level 30 Indoraptor. Is this true? If so wondering what the best plan of attack is? I am a level 15 in the gsme. I have only faced a few indoraptors and dont have it myself yet (only 65 DNA to go).

Any tips, thoughts? What is your plan of attack? The last time this event happened I had just begun playing so had no chance at winning it with my low level dinosaurs. Thanks!


I plan to make it bleed hoping it does the cleanse attack first, then distract it with my speedsters


This is what I have to work with.


I know not applicable to all but would opening with cleanse from a lvl 25 indo and then swap in a lvl 21 drac gen 2 knock him out assuming he doesn’t cloak?


No it wouldn’t unless you crit


Best option would be to bleed it out. Open sucho, use lethal wound. Then swap into dimorph hybrid and swap in bleed. It should be dead after that and indor should die or be very close. I would take a tany or monomimus to finish it off plus stegod or nodoapatotitan.

Edit: Don’t use spino. I mistyped there

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Here is an option for littler teams.

  1. Long neck type that is at least level 12 with 3K hit points. Apato, Argento or Amar.
  2. Swap in poison types… Dimo’s or Sucho.
  3. Raptor or second high hp long neck that can slow first round.

This is what I have and will use highlighted in red.


There are a couple methods with these 4 and I can afford at least a second try if RNG gets me with a critical at a bad point.


In all honesty if you have a monostego, it could do so much work. Last time, my monostego solo’d this event.


Thank you, spino, suchotator, dimo and monimous then lol


Remember that the game is so much RNG based.
Different players may have different experience.

The last time I beat him just barely - because he dodges almost all of my attacks and gotten crits most of the time.

So good luck to all. Hopefully we all get some meaningful DNAs in the incub…:blush:


I am thinking now, if you open something, switch to draco gen 2, then it dies with cleansing. Then if you bring in spino and lw it…:thinking:


Ahhh there are so many tactics…


I hope that on turn one indo uses cleansing impact :smiley: because I want to start with stegod (slowing impact) - swap-in dimorphodon (bleed and one shot by indo) - spinotasuchus bleed - monomimus nullifying for the win


Thats my plan. Start with monostego and slow it. Then use nullify. Force it to use cleansing and swap in Dimo and use spinotah to stack the bleeds and kill it.


I solo’d it with lvl 20 monostegotops. Lol. Suchotator should be fine for most people. Just lethal would turn 1, distract turn 2, die turn 3, and let him bleed out.

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He has always started with cleansing any time I saw event.

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Started cleansing for me too. I went with SpinotaS CI to LW then Tryko for the counter.


Cleanse start to so bleed from suchotator and dimo swap in was all it took, useless dna though :frowning:


Didi it with Suchotator lvl 18 only.

Indo Puryfing - Sucho Bleeding
Indo DSR - Sucho Instant Distraction
Indo APR - Sucho died - Indo died for DoT

Reward…always the same garbage (pteranodon and spino g2)


Im going with this one too, monostego 18 tany 17 velo 20 and monomimus 16