Level 30 line ups

I’m seeing more and more full lvl 30 teams in library. On paper these teams should be in higher arenas. Are they just rotten at the game? Are they droppers? Have the had a really unlucky streak (unlikely).
Anyway surely there’s a way to keep players in the appropriate arenas. I’d say library is fit for levels 25-28. It’s not fun getting wiped by these high level teams. Not fun at all.
And shame on anyone who doesn’t play to their max potential!


Yes, there should be level restrictions in every arena even I am matched up with level 22+ creatures in the ruins while my highest level creature is 18.

Could be due to different boosts level, tho they are lvl30, maybe they are lightly boosted.

I wish that were the case but I’m seeing Nitro Thors, Magnas faster than a fighter plane and all sorts of other heavily boosted 30s