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Level 30 - Question for those that have one


As I understand it once you hit Level 30 the DNA meter says MAX and you stop accruing DNA; but what if the creature is a component in a hybrid? Are you able to still carry on fusing the hybrid?

Asking as I want to push my Suchotator to L30 (L26 at the moment) but don’t want to close the door on any future hybrid.


I believe you still accrue DNA, as evidenced by the video in the thread a few notches down about the level-30 T-Rex. The amount of DNA you have remains, while the second half - after the slash - now reads MAX.

I’m not sure if this applies to unique dinosaurs for whom there is nowhere further to go, but to everything below them it still adds up.


Ah! So it does - thanks for pointing that out @Poxinabox :100:

And I seem to recall there is a limit to what you can have on the left - so you couldn’t endlessly stockpile DNA until the level limit is raised but you can collect a fair bit and use that for fusing if need be - anyone know the limit? 150,000?


The theory says that so far no superhybrid has a new hybrid. If that were a norm that would be fulfilled in the future:

It would make sense to stop evolving suchotator, Monominus, dragoceratops etc. because there is the possibility of the appearance of a hybrid.

It would not make sense to stop evolving tragodistis, stegodeus, spinotasuchus etc because there would be no possibility of a hybrid.

I follow this rule almost 100%, it is a standard assumed, but NOT WRITTEN.


I hear what you say but I also think it is sad that some awesome creatures are not progressed as soon as they become viable ingredients. Prime one being Utasinoraptor - stuck forever on L20 (spare a thought for poor Nodosaurus - destined to stay at L10 forever).

That said I think we are starting to see people abandon the hybrids and carry on levelling the ingredients - certainly seeing a few Utasinoraptors +L20 and they are nasty.


I suppose if you already have DNA to merge Utasinoraptor up to level 34 or 24 but instead you do not have Dracorex to create or evolve Utarinex there is a temptation to continue evolving Allosinasaurus.

On the other hand, in my case something similar can happen to me soon. If I decide for Tuoramoloc instead of Diorajasour it is possible that I decide to keep evolving my RajaKylosauro (stopped months waiting for the hybrid in level 20) since there is no incompatibility of DNA with any other creature.


You can fuse like you want once your Dino reach 30. The limit is probably the rarity one (for example in case of suchotator, a rare, it’s 50k).
That’s plenty for hybrids especially when you already hit 30

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