Level 30 Rex Challenge


…but I get no Rex DNA​:frowning::poop::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::confounded::triumph:


Seriously. I got useless Gryposuchus and Ouranosaurus (which I needed to work on Diloranosaurus but I wanted Rex more). :unamused:


Yeah what the hell ouranosaurus dna. Same as last weeks indo rap with no Indo DNA ludia are just trolling now


I guess I don’t feel bad for almost beating that Rex with my lower level raptors. lol, I got her to 61 hp before she killed my last raptor. ;~; I WAS ALMOST THERE! WHYYYYYYYYY! Charlie let me down…TWICE. Shame on you, Charlie. Shame. Just kidding, I love Charlie.


I got Koolasuchus and Gryposuchus… Lame.


Does anyone have a picture of its stats?


You need to get 2 shots per dino before T-Rex munches you up. Best is to field dinos with the Distracting Impact move. That’ll cut the strike by 50%. Dilorano & Monomimus is good.


Thanks Joe
plus twenty


Remember: Shields don’t work against T-Rex


I think I’ll for with a monolophosaurus, stegoceratops, raptor and IR. The only factor you can’t control is the TR’s 30% crit.