Level 39 Hooligan Timberland tips?

I’m having a hard time on this level, does anyone have any tips for it? I can get to the second stage but still have a hard time to do so.

This is my current team, I’m still leveling up the yellow snow wraith, and had no luck with blue dragons…

Which dragons are in Stage 39 of hooligans?

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Exactly what @Zhyan otherwise we won’t know what your up against and we would be having wild guesses. :grin:

Ah sorry! I don’t know their names in english, but I’m agaisn’t two 4* Thunderdrums and two 4* Stormcutters (On the first two stages) and on the last, the 5* monstrous nightmare possibly with the other 2 dragons I mentioned before.

Ah yeah that stage,

First off all,
4* Thunderdrum is called Waveshaker,
4* Stormcutter is called gloomleer,
5* Monstrous Nightmare is called The Blazing Phoenixfire.

As for tips, i’d say take 2 green dragons and try to take out those Waveshakers as quickly as possible with the help of green tiles (you kinda want to avoid them with any other tiles so they don’t charge too quickly). Use toothless his ability when any of the Waveshakers are about to use their ability so you can delay them for 1 or 2 turns. Also, if that isn’t enough id suggest lvling the 5* Snow Wraith (The Furtive Fleetsheet) up since her cleanse can be quite useful against both the armor break from the waveshakers and the ability lock from the gloomleers. Also her strong hit can help out a lot if you use it in combination with several special tiles.


Oooh I see!! Thank you so much~