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Level <40 Cenozoic

Random question, what happens if you get a Cenozoic creature before level 40? Is it literally just useless? Can you even place it or does it just get stuck in the hatchery? Because, um, I may or may not have just gotten a Thylacosmilus out of a 10k LP pack at level 33…

If I am correct, it just goes into the Cenozoic Paddock and stays there, unable to be used until you hit Level 40. You don’t lose it.

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Well, technically I haven’t even unlocked the Cenozoic Paddock though, have I?

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It’s still locked yes, but it goes in there either way. Same with the Aquatic Paddock, the creature is in the Paddock even though it is still locked.


Your still able to use it in pvp as well I think

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Okay so the overall answer I’m hearing is that I can just collect it when it finishes hatching and it’ll just sit in the Cenozoic paddock until I hit level 40 and get more Cenozoics to use?

Basically yes, cenozoic rarely get any use at all tbh we need more cenozoic event and tournaments

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Could have done with more jurassic VIPs in the early days but the game loved giving me thylacosmilus and hainosaurs which werent very helpful for me getting to dominator

I KNOW RIGHT? I was really looking forward to getting a jurassic VIP for this tournament to give me a boost into Predator, instead I get a freaking Thylacosmilus when I don’t even have Cenozoic unlocked yet and now I have to save up LP for another month or so…

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Yes that sucks when that happens, the vip jurassics are a massive boost, if you think back to the first year of the game we had no VIPs, no tourney level hybrids, only a few tourney creatures and also no scapthognathus, therazinosaur, psotosuchus or kaprosuchus so now theres a lot more opportunities to make it into dominator which is good.

How are you doing in this tournament?

Fluctuating between #85 Predator and #15 Hunter. I’m pretty heavily outmatched in terms of stats but they’re bots so I’m pretty consistently winning still (turns out, it’s not exactly a good idea to fight VIPs and tourney 20s with an Ophiacodon 30 :confused:). And then my battle team cooldown is 2.5 hours and by the time I’m ready to match again I’ve been slapped all the way back to Hunter again, and if I go sleep and wake up the next morning I’m like Hunter 30. Seriously considering throwing in some cash tomorrow and blitzing out a match every 1.5 hours.

What are your top teams? Have you got any ledgendaries at level 30 or vips at level 10?

Ha, nope. I’m literally rolling with a rare hybrid 20, tourney 10, and Ophiacodon 30. That Thylacosmilus was my very first 10k LP pack. Oh, by the way, I just got pushed down to Predator 100 again.