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Level 40: Why do some people get better reward offers?

One of my fellow clan’s members and I just reached level 40 at the same time. Why are we being awarded different offers? And why is mine (the one with fewer benefits) being touted as 3x the value compared to 2.5x the value for the better offer?

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Value is based on price, therefore despite having less resources, it has greater value per dollar

Interesting… I’ll reach lv40 today or tomorrow, then I’ll post my offer screenshot here for comparison.

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Deleting, hiding my comments is unnecessary, everyone knows that Ludia isn’t correct with the players. Just look at that picture.

I thought 6,000 yen would come to about (roughly) 60 USD. Am I mistaken?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s at all fair or right what they’re doing here, I just think that it would make sense that with the higher price goes more/better product. Or am I misunderstanding what’s being posed here?

But A: I do think that it makes little to no sense that there’s no equality in regional pricing. I can’t say if there is or is no reason behind it since I don’t think they’re the only ones to do it, but it is very irritating.

And B: I still think the prices are absolutely ridiculous but I’m also cheap ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As promised, Lv 40 today… The offer I’ve got is the worst of all!!


Higher value despite smaller. Hard to say that is worst.
Size of packages depends on spending habits

8.49 BRL is about 2 USD. 400 runes alone are 4.99 USD I believe? So, going off that comparison I would say that’s not actually that bad a deal.

If it were a standalone offer, or early on in game. As a level 40 offer? Oof. That does sort of suck :confused: But if what @Talisax says is true (which I was unaware of, and is good to know) then I suppose it makes sense if you either never made any purchases before or if you did they were far and few between, as well as minuscule in amount.

Yep, makes total sense… I’ve been playing for a very long time now (well, lv40 didn’t come in a week), and I’ve never made one single purchase, mainly because of where I live… Brazil currency really sucks outside of here, anything in dollars is way too expensive and rarely worth my precious money xD

The stars at the top are different - could it be that the offer on the right although offering less premium cards has a chance of 5* dragons whereas the left only offers 4* max? I got the left offer and succumbed and got 3 and 4* only.

Hey, I totally understand. I had to look up the conversion rate for BRL and I think it was something near .24 cents to 1 USD? That really sucks when you’re trying to get things out of country :confused: Heck, pretty much everything over here is expensive even for those that are native.

@NightLight4, I don’t think the stars signify anything other than the ‘quality’ of the offer. It wouldn’t make much sense to have different odds for the premium draft tokens, I think.

Yeah, makes sense. Although when did offers from Ludia make sense? Not sure why I got this offer anyway, I’m not at level 40 yet… Do they give you offers at lower levels too? Not taken much notice of when offers have appeared previously. . .

Yep! They give you offers at every big ‘landmark’ level you reach. Not sure if it’s every ten or not, precisely, but I do know that there have been several offers thus far.