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Level 60 by Thursday - Possible or Not?

Soooo I’ve just cleared 56 and halfway through 57. I wanna make it for Leedsicthys by Thursday, and there are 7 land expansions that’ll get me to at least mid-58 or early 59. Any ideas on how to get to 60? P.S I only have 4 or 5 million coins so JH Statue strategy may not be fast enough.

7 land + 2 land for Level 58 & 59, along with daily missions EXP should get you there.

You have 24 hours the day of Leedsichthys unlock to justify using any DBs to complete the land expansion, or using all the coins you have that day and selling the decorations to rebuy decorations. This depends how badly you want the unlock.

You could also hatch/evolve dinos for some EXP as well. Every little bit should help, but most of your exp gains will be the land since you have little to no coins and any coin you have will probably be going towards events.

Okay! :smiley:
I’ve cleared a bit of Sorna and placed Triceratops with almost every decoration I have to give him 138% bonus there, he gives me about 30K coins every 5 minutes. So if I sit with him for a long time, he may help for coin production… And eventually I’ll have enough for at least 6 or 7 JH Statues by Thursday. So, in short -

  1. 7 Land Expansions
  2. Daily Missions
  3. Boosted coin Trike
    Can get me to 60 within Thursday?

I am half past 58,nice progress,I also want to reach level 60,not for unlocking Leedsichtys but cause the packs will give more DB than a Xiphactinus Pack.

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Put loads of Park Oasis near your Trike,I have only 1 Alangasaurus level 40,but he gives me 98k coins every 30 minutes .

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Haven’t unlocked oasis yet… :sob:

You will soon.

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CoT gives more DB than both combined.

I want to reach level 60 by then,so that I can get 650 LP from the Pack ,more than a Leedsichtys.

Thats nice thought

Reached level 60. Wo’nt make it to Megalosaurus CoT.

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I will reach 57

How did u get the rajestega dude?

Grinding Modded PVP. There are the same rewards from novice to elite in Modded. No coins as well.

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You’ll definitely get Segnosaurus tho.

@Nestea and @anon43877113 I just hit 60, won my Leedsichthys and cleared 4/28 events. Could you tell me if there’s any slim chance of somehow getting that Megalosaurus at least on the last day? I checked the number of events, and excluding special events, it’s just 22 or 23. Will Clash of Champions come back next week, or does it go away for 60+ players? 'Cas if CoC is still there, and if none of the special events or regular ones are very difficult, I may somehow be able to make it. What are your thoughts on this?

Not counting today, you have 10 days left of CoT. Hopefully Ludia adds a few extra events next week and you might be able to make it. But, usually I heard non-VIP needs about 14 days to finish CoT.

CoT replaces CoC when you are Level 60+

So, will I have Megalosaurus CoC for Week 7 Sunday or will it have gone by then?

The last day for this CoT is June 21st.

Maybe…maybe not. Just try to finish all your events.