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Level 60+ missions

Is there any more missions past level 60 that are based purely on the numbers of dinosaurs in the park regardless of their level (last one I had needed 100 dinosaurs)? Just to know if I can resell all my common ones lvl 1 if they are not useful anymore.

Make sure you take a glance at this thread.

While Ludia is constantly shifting and revising Missions, this will show you what other player have been through. Eventually, there is a Mission that requires 400 creatures. And there are several that require 30 or 40 level 40 creatures of a particular class, not to mention 70 level 40 total.

All that said, why do you want to sell off your creatures? There are very good reasons to keep a paddock.

I only read the first message of that post. I’ve just scrolled a bit more and spotted the 400 creatures screenshot. Better keep my newbies in their cage for the moment I guess!
But now that you mention it, I’m wondering what are the advantages of keeping low level creatures, besides for this type of missions. I try to level up my Legendary and Super rare ones, but for the Rare and Common, I typically have just one lvl 40 for each, and the rest I leave them at lvl 1.

Coin production is the main reason, they could also be viewed as DNA banks since when/if you sell them you will get more for the higher level creatures. Technically you would end up with the same DNA if you sold them as you hatched them vs building higher levels and then selling them. You just miss out on the coin production.

Also some times Ludia has events where you can only bring level 11 or higher or say level 30 and lower. You just never know.

Oh I never really paid attention, I’ve always assumed most of the coins generated by the padlocks are from the high levels dinos and that low levels ones’ were insignificant

We also have rarity specific events. We’ve had Common/Rare, Common only, and Rare only events. While the tournaments just about require hybrids, the PVE events did not necessarily require them. Having more teams certainly makes the five-round three-creature events easier.