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Level 75 campaign

How do I go about beating this level 75 I have been stuck for 3 days on this? Any help greatly appreciated

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Level up your creatures maybe…

That’s not a quick strat. That way would take time I was looking for something asap like

This game is a grind game and cant really be sped through like that. If you cant beat a thing you need to level things up, grind, that’s how the game works and theres no other way


if you want to beat it spend money the best way otherwise you will have to wait your creatures to level 30

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I did this with my level 25 erlidom with 1928 attack, using its cloak and rampage depending on what they send first can’t remember, then I use distracting impact and then it died I think so I used my lvl 27 thordor to finish that Dino, and then I think Gemini came in so I gave it a big hit from Thor and after it died I used the quill from scorpion rex

So I used my erlidom, thordor and srex 3, low level also, basically to get that one.

Actually, I just retried it now and it seems they kept sending gem first so I just started with srex gen 3, and if u use bleed right, and ur faster than 120, u kill each other by end of turn 2. So then I sent my erlidom and they sent the thordor and it had a lot of attack and so I used distracting impact and then thor used impact and then I used rampage. Depending on ur erlidom, if it has enough attack to kill the thor with rampage and impact and enough health to survive its attacks, u can do it like I did or straight up u can cloak and play chances with crit and ur dodge working. After this assuming ur erlidom survives and kill the thor, they sent the magna for me and u need to be faster than 138. And just use ur biggest attack coz they keep swapping I think to help the player out. The ai seems to be forgiving so I did it with just my level 23 scorpios rex and a somewhat strong erlidom

I used a level 26 indoraptor, level 26 thor, and level 25 tenonto, but indoraptor basically did everything: killed the utarinex and the thor when the magna switched out on low hp.
My tenonto and thor’s only use was to kill the geminititan and lower the utarinex :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:

You just need a fast and high attack creature to sweep the opponent’s team once their tank is out.
Your diloracheirus could do the job if it’s heavily boosted, or indoraptor if it’s like mine (6/8/7), and then you could use your thor and tryko maybe to kill the geminititan + utarinex

Thankyou I have been using tryko for Gemini then dilor for Thor but it’s that magna that gets me

Thankyou I will give it a go it’s realy bugging me as I work out a strat and they change up the order so it don’t work

Cheers for the advice

Do you have any creatures faster than the magna? If your indoraptor is, it could definitely take care of him, and the utarinex if it swaps in

I’ll give you a little tip. Considering there’s a possibility that there may be a boost reshuffle (only a possibility) due to the major changes anticipated with Resilient creatures possibly in 2.9 update, it might be worth waiting to see if we get that boost reshuffle.

Then you can boost creatures for the campaign mission, then unboost them all again.

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AH there is no ** level 75 ** in Jurassic World Alive game it stops at LV30 for all dinosaurs so i dont know what you mean by ( how do i beat this level 75 ? ) that is slightly confusing considering the other dinosaur game ( Jurassic World : The Game ) has dinosaurs that go up to that level = LV75 or above but not JWA we are still stuck on LV30 as a maximum level attainable currently until LUDIA changes a few things and increases the maximum level we can obtain during game play at all.
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The title states “level 75 campaign”.

Also reading through the responses rather than just the first post also shows it is about the campaign levels.


How can u write this much without reading the title :man_facepalming:


I ment on the campaign mate no worries we all have them moments

Cheers will bare that in mind