Level 85!

I just made it to Level 85 tonight :grinning:

Ludia only allowed me to complete the unlock. I thought I’d be able to try my first Infinite Battle, but I have to wait 24 hours.

Do you guys think the Infinite Battle is based on Level or ferocity? All of the previous Stage Battles leading up grew with increasing difficulty (felt like my Dominator matches). Just wondering if I need to make some Lv20 VIP dinos or leave them at Lv10 VIP.

I only have Lv10 VIP dinos and a few Lv30 Legendaries. I am the weakest Lv85 player.

Btw, there’s a pack for 45M Food X Limit of 2, for some people who don’t check the shop. Not sure if it’s worth it though. I got an Ichthyostega when I purchased that same pack for 75M Gold.


Congratulations and welcome to the club.
Infinite battle are based on ferocity. I made this bitter experience once as I hatched a lvl 20 Indoraptor long before I was ready for it (I’m not ready yet). Infinite battles became impossible for me and in the end I had to sell the beast.


Thanks @Tommi ! I really hope it’s true that it’s based on ferocity, nothing over 2500 ferocity for me here.

I rushed the last 10 levels. I had a lot of “stashed” gold and just started selling and building Hammond statues.

When I first started playing and read that you guys were getting card packs everyday, I just wanted to get to Lv85 ASAP. Took me 2.5 months of playing.

It’s a shame my first pack is a common.

Be happy with anything other than a mystery pack :wink:


As a matter of fact common packs are good. The real blessing is when you get 3 or 4 mystery packs in a row.
Infinite battles are usually one of the hardest fights you can get in the game. They are always challenging your lineup.


I thought there is a chance to get S-DNA and Legendary dinos in mystery packs?

Well, at least now I might be able to get 8 of Coloborhynchus from the common packs. That would unlock my last common hybrid I think.



Mystery packs do occasionally have legendary dinos inside. I’m not sure about S-DNA though.

The infinity battles can be quite difficult. However the rewards aren’t bad and they count as one of your three card packs for daily missions.


Congratulations @Nestea


Firstly, congratulations @Nestea! This is a great accomplishment! The mystery packs do have the opportunity to get legendaries and s-DNA… but very low actual probability from my experience. But anything above mystery for an infinity battle prize is great!

For the food pack… I ended up getting one and rewards definitely weren’t great… but I got a couple food for coins trade offers this morning. So had an overflow of food. Unless those show up… I would not personally recommend people to get those packs.


Congratulations, Nestea!


Thank you everyone! My first goal is checked off.

I didn’t expect to level up so quickly, I don’t know how many missions there are but I am on Episode 33. The EXP earned was not worth the time invested once you pass level 50, for me at least.

I got lucky with my coin production and never looked back.

@BruceRex the pack is a little expensive for me. But other players might be watching and they have excess resources that they wouldn’t mind unloading.

I have 1 expansion that I need to unlock on Nublar, should I use the 200 DB? The expansion is next to the Ceno Dome. Also a lot of expansion available on Sorna. Use 1 on Nublar and 4 on Sorna?

Currently, Sorna is just for me to unload my decorations/coins and then putting them back in my market.


First things first, congratulation on that HUGE achievment. For most players here getting to lvl 85 happened along time ago but for you, me and a few others, thats still the main goal!
I am trying my best to lvl up as fast as I can, trading fossil like crazy. I am going to try expading my park more as it gives the most exp. If you had time and dint mind, you could share some of those misisons in the forum like I did and Sion did. I am on episode 26 and would be great to know what comes next. Might have a specific dinossour mission in the middle and dont really want to get stuck because of that.


I can definitely share the missions moving forward. At least the first mission in Episode 33, I did not complete yet.

Are you guys sharing parts of Episodes or finishing and entire episode and then sharing?


Generally finishing an entire episode and then posting something like this…

By the way 55 is the highest episode currently.


I take a screenshot of every mission and when I complete it I create a topic for that episode.

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How many episodes are there in total? It is possible that I have already finished them all, because they do not come out more?

Congrats dude

Congrats nestae,

I’m right behind you :wink:


@Andrew1977 I believe @Sionsith said that there are currently 55 episodes.

Thank you @Too_qik and @Belboxtel

You are very close @Belboxtel, I would push it to Lv85 since you have to wait 24 hours for the battle cooldown after you complete the last unlock. So, first Infinite Battle will be +1 day later.

It costed me a little more than 60M coins to level from 84 to 85. I couldn’t wait :slight_smile:

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Okay. Thnx. Just did that… curious for the infinity battle.