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Level 9 player needs an alliance

Looking for an alliance. German or english language preferred. I’m relatively new to the game. Level 9, 800 points, but I’m very active and open to learn the game.
MarliMZ my name.
Thx in advance

Our clan is called DinoDawgz. We are always looking for active members!

Our alliance is called MyVeryWaitJurassic fes. We are looking for active members.

Leader arme84 #1337

Devastating Dinos alliance here
Search for us in game or message me if u want to join.
We’ve got levels 6 to 20 and we’ll help u grow. Friendly, helpful group.

Translated from German

We are happy to help you learn the game. My in-game username is FrumptiousBaker # 7774. I don’t speak German, but we do have a few German speakers.

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