Level based immunities

Have been thinking a lot about the viability of non meta dinos since 2.3

Got me wondering if immunities would be more interesting if they only worked against dinosaurs a lower level than them, and maybe at some % against a dino of the same level.

For example,

Level 26 Thor Vs Level 24 Suchotator
Thor keeps it’s 50% bleed resist.

Level 24 Thor VS Level 26 Suchotator
Thor has no bleed resist.

Level 24 Thor VS Level 24 Suchotator
Thor has 25% bleed resist.

Those numbers could be tweaked, and maybe spread over a larger level difference?

Completely open to hearing negative feedback on this one, as very little thought has gone into it.
My first impression is it might make some of the less picked dinosaurs more useful if you commit to leveling them.


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I’m not a big fan of the idea but if it does happen I think it should be that it gains resistances as it levels up just so that it really does feel like you get stronger