Level cap for different rarities


I think there should be a level cap that is lower for commons compared to unique…for example common should be capped at 20, rare to 25, epic to 30, legendary to 35, and unique to 40…I understand the level cap for all is currently 30 but it is something to think about because I think its ridiculous that commons can have higher stats at the same level as their higher tiered sisters and fusions…ludia should have a level cap based on tiers if the stats are going to allow much lower tiers to have higher stats…


I think that having commons that can be as strong as epics / uniques / legendaries is a good thing so that even free to play users can compete.


Wouldn’t like it if all I see are the same 8 Epics and Legendaries in battle.

What would really be cool is if they only allow you to use each Dino 2-3 times per day in battle. Then you would have to stagger your best Epics with complementary Commons. Or just use your very best for the 2-3 battles and stop. This would also allow you to Create a duplicate Dino (I.e. a second Velociraptor) to level up and then you can use that second one 2-3 times per day.

I don’t know the long-term prognosis for the game. Leveling up over 20 gets to be time consuming and expensive. But trying to get a dozen level 20 Velociraptors might keep interest up.

Plus, think of the strategy implications. If I have a level 15 Pyroraptor and just received 80 more DNA, do I throw them into the one I have and hope to get to level 16 in 3weeks or do I create another and get it to level 10 in the same time period


Coins are basically a soft level cap. People will think twice whether they should evolve dinos after reaching lv10, because of the amount of coins required.