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Level cap increase

Do you think there’s should be a higher level than 20?

Of course there should.

Those of us who have been playing for almost three years now reached level 20 two years ago.

I have a thread running now that goes into more detail, but I do think player level should be increased, and to move up we could have a series of tasks rather than rely on xp because most of us long term players could double our level straight away if it was just xp based.


No. It would be pointless unless everything that currently scales with level continued to scale, which would cause a lot of issues (it’s already hard for new players to catch up). I don’t understand the people who just want the number to get higher. Why?

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Because in every game the level gets expanded in future patches

With reason, though. They just did a level cap increase to 50 in Pokemon Go, and now people can level their Pokemon to 50 as well. What would be the reason for a level cap increase in this game? What perks should people above level 20 get, and how would that affect the economy/arena?

My wife loves PoGo and every weekend is up for the new challenges since they increased the level.

She buys the remote raid passes, increased storage etc… and loves the fact that they have increased the player level.

Sure, she likes doing achievements, I get it. But we just got 300+ achievements in this game, so there’s no need to raise the player level if your only reason for that is tying achievements to it. Finish the 344 we have already and then we can talk.

Sure we got the achievements @Castal but they don’t affect our level. There is something about hitting 5000 raptors that may make it more bearable if it actually made any difference in some way or another.

When my wife said she had to catch however many pokemon over one weekend I was like ‘why would you do that?’ Her response was that she wanted to hit level 45 and that was a prerequisite to do so.

It’s good to have targets, and there has been no incentive or target to level up since hitting level 20 over two years ago now. For a game that’s only 3 years old that’s a shame.

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